Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sensory Explorations of Chocolate

A follower of The Chocolate Cult sent your Priestess a link to an article on a site called CHOW.   Here is the article if you want to look at it.

However as "new" as this article would like to make it's approach seem, we here in The Chocolate Cult know that every "Sacrament" that is revealed is always looked it in all five senses whether I'm doing it or an acolyte is working on this particular chocolate.

Sometimes these reviews read like romances to quote one chocolatier who sent us products.  Sometimes they read like nightmares and you want to rinse out your mouth though you aren't the ones eating or drinking the particular treat in question.  That's the point of doing the full sensory reviews: to honestly and objectively give you the reader information that you can use before you go buy that next cocoa delight.

Since this approach is time consuming and because we want to offer those chocolatiers who submit products for review something special, we only use all five senses for the "Sacrament" category that happen every Saturday and sometimes on special occasions. 

Now is the time to speak back, Sisters and Brothers.  Do you like the full sensory approach?  What do you like best?  What isn't working well?  Have you adopted this slowed down approach we use here in The Chocolate Cult for your own consumption of cocoa products?

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