The Chocolate Cult: Thank an American Female Chocolatier Today

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank an American Female Chocolatier Today

Today, August 26th, is "Women's Equality Day" here in the United States.  Earlier this week marked the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which freed the right to vote from the constraints of gender or biological sex.

As a group, women are not equals to men in America yet.  As a group women are paid less in part because we still gender careers and social expectations which urges girls and boys to differ on their education and the resulting jobs they can get.  As a group women are more judged by their physical looks then by their earning though unfortunately men are becoming increasingly judged by their looks but still expected to bring in the bacon.  The list of unequal laws and social expectations could go on and on with negatives and positives for both sexes.

There one area where women and men can be equal: Chocolatiers.

Making chocolate is not dependent on one's gender or sex.  Making chocolate is part art and part science, a matter of patience and creativity.  It is a brave person who can jump into the business of chocolate when the price for cocoa raises and fall sometimes dramatically and where competition can be fierce in a world where too many of us think about price over quality.

Today, Sisters and Brothers, please salute the American women who make chocolate.  Either go and buy some of her products or send her a "thank you" note if you'd have enjoyed her creations in the past.

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