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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Gifts for a Chocolate Priestess

Yesterday I talked about gift ideas, not just for me but for anyone who has a hobby or a passion.  Let's focus more on Chocolate today and take a closer look at some of the lovely gifts I've been given.

First, note that chocolate doesn't always need to be food or drink.  There are many items that use chocolate as a theme or a decoration.  These can be sheets for a twin bed set, or games, or cookware, or signs, or t-shirts like we gave away recently.  The benefit of non-food gifts related to someone's passion or hobby is that it should last much longer than foods or drinks would.  I'll be reviewing a few such products soon from CSN stores again but let me look to a few food gifts I have received and tell you what I liked about them.

This first product was given to me in August by our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte who has visited the Sanders store several times and told me about their products.  These are the dark chocolate with mint patties that come in a single layer of 12 pieces.  These may look like York Peppermint patties but they taste more like Andes mints.  The mint is very cool and the chocolate is much thicker than any other product I've tried of the same type.  I liked this because she knew I had never had their products and she knew that everyone in my household would like this flavor combination.  That meant I shared them and thus was able to exercise Moderation with them.  I also liked them because she had to think about me when she was visiting them.

It is always nice when you know someone is thinking about you not because they must but because they see something they know you'll like.  Another friend of mine, Cindy, has the finances to travel far more than I do.  For the second summer in a row she gave me some lovely chocolates from aeschbach (lower case as they spell their name).  This time it was these bite size chocolates that melted in my mouth.  I'm not sure what they are called but they had a very frosting like taste to them and when I looked at the box's list of ingredients I saw why: added vegetable oil.  Again this was a product I'd never had before and it showed me that my friend was thinking about me even while enjoying Europe.

We'll continue with some more reviews of some gifts I've received as a countdown to my actual birthday on the 25th.


Emily Malloy said...


mavido79 said...

So glad you and your family liked the peppermints. I'll be back up in Michigan this weekend but not sure I'll be anywhere near a Sanders store. If so, I may have to try the caramels. Hope you have a very joyful birthday.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Welcome to the Cult, Emily. I hope you join us by becoming an official follower.

Thank you both for reading and commenting.

Keep it up!

mavido79, mention our Hallween Treat Challenge if you see a chocolate shop, I can send your blurb about it if you like.

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