Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Chocolate "Holidays"

October has many fun food holidays you could celebrate with chocolate, Sisters and Brothers.  Since we are hosting our annual Halloween Treat Challenge, I wanted to get these out there to you so you can make some decisions about your monthly chocolate consumption.

Of course in the USA and a few other countries, Halloween is the big candy holiday in October. We will be looking at a few chocolate treats that you could give out to trick o'treaters if you like.

The entire month of October hosts two different fun food holidays connected to chocolate.  Both the "National Dessert Month" and "National Cookie Month" claim October as their month.  Cookies are primarily a dessert item so I think these two events coincide well.

October 7 is "National Frappe Day" and there is no reason why a frappe couldn't include or add a bit of chocolate to be more fun.

October 10 is "National Angel Food Cake Day" and I'm going to get in touch with one of my sisters to see if she'd be willing to share her recipe for chocolate angel food cake because it is her husband's favorite and we had it every year for his birthday.

October 14 is "National Chocolate-Covered Insect Day" and if anyone company out there makes them, I will try them but I'll never buy this sort of thing even to share the experience with all of you.

The second Thursday in October (the 14th this year) is "National Dessert Day" while the third Thursday (the 21st this year) is "Sweetest Day".

October 18 is "National Chocolate Cupcake Day" and I'm thinking I might use this giant cupcake pan to do something to celebrate.  It was a gift from one of our new Mocha Acolyte's and his boyfriend.  Thank you, Tim and Long.

October 28 is "National Chocolate Day" and what nation that is will depend on where you are I declare. So everyone celebrate this one.

Remember there really isn't an official list of these sorts of holidays so what is in any one month or on any given day depends on your source.  I'm scanning for new celebrations you all can participate in from anywhere I can glean them.

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