Saturday, September 18, 2010

Origin Makes the Difference at Cocoa Dolce

Do you remember Cocoa Dolce, Sisters and Brothers?  We reviewed them first back in July of this year but they sent us an entire mini suitcase of products so it will take four reviews to thoroughly cover them.  This is a side view of that mini suitcase since I showed you the front and back before.  The stickers are starting to come off even though I am storing them in a cool, dry place.  That makes me sad but I'll always have the photos I took.

Today we are doing the second of those reviews by looking at the two single origin bars they sent our way.  Remember the special thing about single origin chocolate is that the soil, the conditions under which the cacao tree is raised, the type of tree it was, all these factors influence the flavor of the chocolate.  Both of these bars have the same ingredients other than where the cocoa came from and they are the same cacao content at 66%.  Any difference I report on them must be a reflection of where they are raised.

Each bar is 4.25 X 1.25 X 0.3 inches by dimensions.  The Mexican one, green foil, has a stronger scent than the Madagascar one in the red foil.  Otherwise both seem identical with three etched divisions. I do not have the nutritional information but if you practice Moderation I doubt it will be a big issue.  Both bars make a snap when I take a bite and even continue to crunch very slowly as I chew.  The cute little cocoa bean pods etched into the bars are interestingly placed across the three section breaks.  The Mexican at first tastes very bland but with each chew I feel a cocoa buzz building up as well as an almost smoky dark flavor. 

I clean my palate before trying the next bar because I want to fully appreciate the difference between these two origins.  Remember, Sisters and Brothers, only drink water and wait or clean your mouth out before switching between different flavors, types or varieties of chocolate.  The Madagascar bar feels a touch smoother and cooler when I take in my fingers.  If I take a very deep whiff I can pull out a very light scent.  This has a light flavor when I take a bite that turns into an almost sugary sweetness with a bit of fruity aftertaste.  Letting either bar melt in your mouth intensifies the differences and the cocoa rush.

Cocoa Dolce once more pleases your Chocolate Priestess and is a worthy Sacrament.  Please do check them out because there are eight varieties of single origin bars we did not receive to reveal to you all for a total of 10 bars you can buy individually or as a 10-pack.  You will not be disappointed plus cute little suitcase and these adorable "documents" that look like travel documents but give you information about the company and their products as well as awesome coupons you can use.  Mine expired but that's OK because I am rarely short on chocolate.

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