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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Riot of Chocolate

The wonderful ladies of sweetriot sent us two types of products and today we're going to review two varieties of their unBar which looks like it is being re-marketed as the yumBar.  On their website we get this promise from sweetriot: "All natural, anti-oxidant-rich, dairy-free, kosher, gluten-free cacao with a mission."  I think that will interest most of you, Sisters and Brothers.

The bars are a 65% cacao in a purple wrapper and a 70% cacao in the orange wrapper.  Both are four 1 X 1 X pyramid of chocolate sections which make up the 1.34 oz.  These are full of chocolate in the form of cocoa mass, coca powder, cacao nibs, and cocoa butter.  No artificial flavors but some added sugar and soy lecithin.    There are some differences in the nutritional value of the bars.  The 65% has 10 more calories, 1 less gram of saturated fat,1 less gram of fiber, 1 less gram of sugars, but both bars have 3g protein with 2% calcium and 10% iron an adult needs daily.

The 65% is basically the dark chocolate and dark cocoa nibs.   Because it is so thick it is a bit difficult to take a nibble and when I get a bike it makes a loud snap.  Chewing produces a soft crunch from the nibs.  The bitterness floods my tongue and mouth making my eyes flutter with a cocoa buzz.  Definitely not for anyone who doesn't not love very dark chocolate.  Oddly the scent is not very easy to pick up and that might be a function of the older all dryness of the bar.  It is also very difficult to break off a pyramid from the quad.

The 70% also has the dark chocolate and cocoa nibs but it also has raisins and this gives me pause.  As  you might recall, this summer I reviewed a bar that had raisins and I was not impressed at all.  I don't honestly think that all fruits, all spices, all teas, and all nuts are good matches for any type or even any chocolate at all.  But I am fair as you know, Sisters and Brothers, so I open the orange wrapper up.  Again very little scent until I bring it to my nose.  I don't see any visible signs of raisins and don't smell them.  This is a little harder to bite off a piece and the bar tastes noticeably more bitter, almost coffee like.  It is very crunchy as I chew, the buzz even more intense that for the previous bar but 1/2 of the way through one pyramid I have yet to taste or feel a raisin.  Ok, I keep going with another bite, my head starting to feel light from the rush.  I do taste a raisin finally but I don't feel it on my tongue.  It has a sweetness that balances really well with this level of chocolate. 

Sweetriot is a wonderful company if you like dark, small treats that you can feel great about eating on several levels including your health, your taste buds, support for women owned business, and support for ethical, globally aware practices.  Their products are certainly worthy of The Chocolate Cult and I urge you to give them a try perhaps as a riot pack that will give you a sample of all of the offerings we've revealed to you in Saturday Sacraments.

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