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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brazillian Chocolate Treats

Chocolate is popular world-wide and I am always delighted when someone outside the lower 48 states sends us a sample or someone uses an older tradition or non-American or European approach to our Sacred Substance.  Thus when the folks from Obrigadeiro in Minnesota told me that they create a Brazilian treat they and decorate it for Halloween, I knew we had to try it.  It came in a fairly unfancy brown box that we've received other gifts in.  It makes me think this must be a sort of standard chocolate gift box someone out there makes.

Inside were 16 pieces of their traditional flavor Brigadeiros in their "Fall Collection".  These were covered in chocolate and orange jimmies to make a very Halloween like tableau.  There are eight different flavors  you can choose from but the traditional is simply chocolate fudge like treat covered in milk chocolate sprinkles obviously of different colors.

I cut one black and one orange piece to give you a look inside and as promised these have a very fudge like look and feel, not truffles or bon bons at all even if they appear to be that way and are often compared to those more European style chocolates.  The odd thing is that these do not have a strong scent but then as I thought about it I realized that fudge often does not have a strong fragrance either especially if you let it set out for a few minutes.  The jimmies are very crunchy but don't add much to the flavor.  These are semi-soft and a lighter feeling compared to most fudge.  They have a very earthy and almost coffee like essence to them but still very chocolaty.  They basically can melt in your mouth if you let them.  The colors of jimmies do not represent a different flavor -- yes, I tried one half of each to be certain.  The combination of textures, the sweet almost mocha flavor and the light cocoa and sugar buzz makes these a delightful treat.

If you want to try a sample of Portuguese or Brazilian inspired chocolate you want to try Obrigadeiro.  I was thrilled that their website includes information about this candy and the politics which inspired it.  You should plan to spend a good twenty minutes or so just reading their website for these historical and cultural facts.  The quality, the jimmie colors, and the uniqueness of these make this another worthy Sacrament you should check out, Sisters and Brothers.


Rico said...

I love brigadeiros especially with alcohol they are just delicious.

Sao delicias bem Lusitanas, e cheias de tradicao.
Rico-Receitas Testadas e Experimentadas

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Rico, thanks for stopping by and commenting. We hope you keep coming back for more. I'd never had brigadeiros before and I liked them a lot which I hope my review shows.

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