The Chocolate Cult: Chocolate Eyeballs Halloween 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chocolate Eyeballs Halloween 2010

Of all the things we received for our Halloween Treat Challenge this year, the most creepy in terms of looks had to be from Sweet Mona's in the form of their "I only have eyes for you" Truffles.  This 7.5oz box came to your Chocolate Priestess and I was excited to open it but first I wanted to think about the other "eyeballs" I'd seen all ready in the store for this holiday.  Without exception, so far, the "eyeballs" I'd seen were really balls of chocolate or worse waxy pseudo-chocolate wrapped in something that looked like a blood shot eyeball.  Of course for Halloween parties you've probably heard you can peel grapes and people close there eyes.  I was hoping what I'd see in the box would be better than either of these options.

Opening it up I had to blink because, of course, some of the truffles had turned during shipment.  I righted them all and they certainly looked like eyeballs, blood-shot yet calm, staring up at me.  These are the real deal in terms of chocolate with milk chocolate and white chocolate that fully meets our Cult requirements to be called our Sacred Substance.    In terms of allergens these have milk and butter so dairy which is also a concern for vegans.  I don't know what the nutritional values are but I think given the holiday use, that's fine just don't go popping them like grapes.

These are almost perfectly round with a 0.75 inch diameter.  We ate the light, seaform green eyeballs first.  They have a very creamy scent from the white chocolate layer surrounding all by the iris which is dyed white chocolate and appears to be set into the white with a dab of darker chocolate for the pupil.  The blood-shot effect is more of a pink color and is raised off the surface making it extra creepy to hold in your hand and feel with your eyes closed -- something I highly recommend you have a friend do before letting him or her open their eyes.

The white outer shell breaks easily and quietly to reveal the milk chocolate center that I hope this photo shows.   Part of the white cracked when I bit it in half though I suspect some of you, Sisters and Brothers may be tempted to just put the entire thing in your mouth I urge you to at least take this half bite for your first one so you can explore the creamy yet slightly bitter center.  The degree of creamy and bitter was surprising but then high quality chocolate with little added flavors can have this dual nature.  Is the on the same level as the truffles we've reviewed from Island Angel in the past before they became Sweet Mona's?  No, but for novelty chocolates they are head and shoulders above the competition.

Looking for higher quality but creepy treats for your Halloween?  I have to say that these impressed us almost as much as previous samples from the same chocolatier.  The eyeball truffles deserve a stamp of approval for a Halloween specific Sacrament.


Belinda said...

Ooooo - these are AWESOME!!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Hi, Belinda! Thanks for commenting and reading. I was very happy with them and the Acolytes I shared them with agreed.

The Prosey Rose said...

I love it! Do you know if they had an allergy warning for peanuts? Would love to know if I could send them to my nephew.


The Chocolate Priestess said...

The box says "All products are manufactured in a facility that stores and uses the following allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, & Soy."

For my husband, this doesn't matter, his tree nut allergy is not that sensitive. However if you know someone who has had reactions when the allergen was not in the product itself but the machines or facilities had contact with the allergens, you should exercise caution.

Good question, Sylvarose, thank you for asking me.

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Now Halloween full-mood is trendy here, but not in chocolates :( so I can't see those delights in my area yet.

Those quality chocolate truffles make everybody mouthwatering!

All the best,


The Chocolate Priestess said...

I wonder if we could these eyeballs for something else? I know they are supposed to be scary but I also think they are kind of cute. I"m glad you came back, Gera.

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