Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Must Mean Fudge

Ah one of the things about the fall and winter that I think of is fudge.  True, you can make fudge or buy it almost any time of year any more and as you may recall from a long photo post I did last year, some towns are full to overflowing with fudge shops.  When people come to the college town I live in though they don't think fudge and yet we have fudge shops if you know where to look.

My friend razzle and I went out a few weeks ago and as we were driving to her house I noticed Dillman Farm which also has an online store.  After hanging out at her place we went back and stopped in to take a look.  They sell a lot of fruit and veggies, preserves and jams, things of that nature but they also have a fudge shop called Cookhouse Fudge.  I didn't have my camera but perhaps in the future the folks out there will invite your Chocolate Priestess back and she can do an interview, a photo shot and a featured review.  Today you'll just get to look at the fudge I bought.

This photo didn't turn out so well I think because of the dark label and the darkness of the fudge inside. This is an interesting container that has a sealed side you break to lift the lid off but it can be snapped back on as well.  It holds 8oz of fudge that they make right there in the kitchens behind the counter where you check out.  You can get samples but I knew I had to try the dark chocolate and this was the smallest amount I could purchase it in.

The fudge looks very thick but it was fairly easy to scoop out with the little spoon that came with it.  You can see me take that first or second scoop.  I can't remember because it was so good. Now it was not as rich as other fudges that I've reviewed here and frankly I think that's a good and a bad thing.  It's good because I could really taste the chocolate, it wasn't hidden under huge quantities of fat and sugar that is very common when you make fudge.  However because it didn't taste so rich it was easy to just keep eating and I tried, I really did to practice moderation, Sisters and Brothers but I must confuse, I faltered with this one.

Obviously we aren't growing the cacao trees here in Indiana but nonetheless this has cocoa, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter so very much chocolate.  It does have soy and milk both if that is a concern for you.  I'm really glad razzle and I stopped.

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