Monday, October 25, 2010

Mrs. Fields Halloween

Your Chocolate Priestess had used a Discover Card cash back gift card to order a product from Mrs. Fields for that holiday to review for you all and so she thought she'd do the same for Halloween.  This is the "Grinning Gourd" I ordered because in order to use the e-certificate I had to place an order of at least $40 and inconveniently the prices jumped from $39.95 to $44.95. You see it in the photo next to the jack o'lateran our Milk Chocolate Acolyte made before it turned moldy -- YUCK!

Inside were 72 Nibblers of the no-nut variety that we could chose.  That presents the first disappointment.  I have a list of the Nibblers flavors and four of them are nut-free -- Semi-Sweet Chocolate chip, Triple Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, and Peanut Butter.  I'm betting that the folks at Mrs. Fields are confused like others are about peanuts.  They are not tree nuts, they are legumes, you know, like green beans.  They came in plastic sleeve groups of six cookies which is two servings of each type of cookie.

I laid them all out so you could see how many there were.  They all tasted really good, soft for days and days after opening for this photo.  That was good because not too long ago I got a Mrs. Fields pack in the cookie aisle of our Kroger and I did not like those cookies at all, they just tasted off for some reason.  With so many cookies we still have a fair amount of these for Halloween itself left.  The container is sturdy so we plan to add that to the Halloween decorations and use it year after year as well.

However I did want to mention that I had one other huge disappointment that means I will not be using another Discover Cash Back Bonus on Mrs. Fields ever again. After my order back for Valentine's Day, I was placed on the email list for the company.  After I got my e-certificate, which is basically a gift card, I received an email telling me about a set rate shipping and handle if I used this code.  So I decided that was a good deal and I went to order the Grinning Gourd.  I found out that I could use two special offers at the same time so I had to go with the more than double shipping and handling rate.  That really annoyed me.  How is a gift certificate a special offer?  Does this mean that if I gave such a certificate to a friend or family member they have to pay more for shipping even if they were on the email list and got an offer?  That just doesn't seem fair to me at all. 

Let's think about this, Sisters and Brothers, whenever an online or catalog has "special shipping offers" aren't they really saying that "we could ship these at a lower rate but we chose not to"?  I've ordered the same products using normal and "special" rates for shipping and I have never notice a different in the amount of time it took or the packaging.  Have you?

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