Saturday, October 16, 2010

Share More than Candy On Halloween

Last year one of the entries into our annual Halloween Treat Challenge as a chocolate which also gave back to charity.  This year another chocolatier, TerraSource, also sent us their charity "Share Squares" that help with the charity Solar Cookers International which enables people to cook more safely with little damage to the planet.  Unfortunately I don't see on the website how many little packages of these squares you get for becoming a sponsor -- how many pieces are in a set?

The Share Squares come two to a little bag and are made of organic, fair-trade, vegan, gluten and soy free 70% dark chocolate.  WOW!  Other than people who are allergic to our Sacred Substance itself, I'm not sure who couldn't eat these.  The bags themselves are labeled "compostable" so you also take care of the planet in this way.  Solar ovens do not burn any type of fuel so they do not use up a natural and limited resource. Furthermore they don't smoke which is a big danger to the health of women around the world who do most of the food preparation for their families.

Each square is a bit more than 1.25 X 1.25 X 0.2 inches in dimensions.  On one side they have an etching of a cacao branch with a cacao pod on it.  I took this picture with the flash so you could see the etching but the chocolate is dark not reddish in color.  These have a very dark chocolate scent when I remove them from the bag.   They are light to hold and I'm not sure how much these two squares weigh.  Eat chew is crunchy and the chocolate is nicely bitter and earthy as it melts in my mouth.  This is a very pure chocolate with no added ingredients so make sure you enjoy darker chocolates before buying this.

That raises the only concern I have about these as candy to give out for Halloween.  For adults and perhaps older teens, dark chocolate often works though some people frankly prefer milk or white chocolate.  For younger children darker chocolates are generally too bitter for them to enjoy.  So your target audience for these treats needs to be older.  The packaging makes them good for Halloween but for any gift giving really.  With the support for a worthy charity and the purity of the buzz these create, we have to declare these a good Sacramental choice.

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