The Chocolate Cult: Simple Sweets Chocolate Creme Review

Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple Sweets Chocolate Creme Review

A while back, your Chocolate Priestess was shopping in her local Kroger store and saw that some of the frozen desserts were on clearance.  Now sometimes clearance means the store won't carry that product any more and sometimes it means that the product is getting a face lift and so they want to move the previous designed covers out of the way.  Several of the "Simple Sweets" selections from Sara Lee were in this category and I happened to have a coupon so I bought one.

Here is the pie just taken out of the box.  You can see that it looks fairly good for bumping around in my car on the drive back home, being carried inside and then stored in our all too small freezer for a week or so.  The product includes both cocoa in the whipped topping, chocolate for the shavings you see on top and more cocoa in the pie itself.  The primary source of the chocolate taste though is cocoa.  This also has milk, soy, wheat and eggs in it for those of you with allergies or cutting certain foods out of your life.  Remember to read the labels even though they are very tiny print when you buy anything.

This one 9oz box has two servings which means 1/2 of the pie equals a serving.  Half this pie!  Holy Moly!  So this 1/2 pie has 480 calories made up of 17g saturated fat, 0.5g transfat (which given the number of calories and saturated fat is well within allowed amounts per day), 360mg sodium, 2g fiber, 38g sugars, 4g protein, with some calcium and iron.  Seriously I think you'd do great cutting this into four pieces because it tastes rich and is obviously going to make up a large part of the calories, fats and sugars an adult should limit herself to each day.

For an rare treat, making sure you don't eat the entire thing and after watching what else  you've been eating that week, this is a nice treat to have.  Not high enough quality that I'd serve it with a fancy meal but for casual dinners with friends who don't expect you to make everything from scratch, I think this is fine.

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