Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tiny Bites

Intemperantia is an organic gourmet chocolatier whose products are also often vegan. The chocolate they use is from Switzerland and their websites gives great information bout how various regions in that country have their own unique chocolates which this chocolatier blends to make a synthesis all their own.  No added fats or oils, only what comes from the cocoa bean itself is used so this is a very natural, very safe product for anyone looking to cut back on animal products or simply interested in purer chocolate.

They sent us their fall favors that are used for Halloween gifts by many of their customers.  Specifically these are the two truffles they sent our way.  One is milk chocolate and one is dark chocolate each about 0.75 inches in diameter.  These come in 10 different flavors you can choose from.  Let's see what flavors these are.  The milk chocolate smells very light and creamy and tastes exactly as the scent suggests when I take a bite through the medium thickness shell into a semi-solid milk chocolate center.  The darker one has a deep chocolaty essence when I breath it in before biting into it.  The shell is thicker and it makes a sharp snap when I take a bite.  Inside is a very nicely dark semi-solid center with a hint of something almost fruity to it.  Both of these truffles melt in your mouth if you can control yourself long enough to let them and when you do the buzz from the darker truffles is nice.

85% organic chocolate covered and cocoa dusted almonds were also in one of the three boxes.  They also have 60% but I couldn't honestly tell the difference by looking at them.  On the website there are much better photos of what these look like inside -- there is the cocoa dusting, then a thick layer of the chocolate and then one almond in each.  They vary in size like almonds do.  The cocoa covers my fingers and the almond makes a loud snap when I bite it in half.  The cocoa seems more bitter than the inner chocolate shell and the nut is very earthy but does not overwhelm the Sacred Substance at all.  Sadly I'm the only person in my household who likes almonds so I'll have to share these with friends and Acolytes.

The final treat is a 75% dark chocolate, vegan pave glace square which are dusted in cocoa and measure just under 1 X 1 X 0.5 inches.  They are sold by 3, 4, 9, 12, 15 and 18 size boxes.  We received the 4 count box.  This has a very dark cocoa scent as I hold it to my nose and get the cocoa dusting on my fingertips.  It makes a very soft sound as I take a bite. Almost immediately it starts to melt in my mouth, flooding my taste buds and my mind with a rush of pure dark chocolate.  Definitely not for anyone who doesn't love the darker stuff.  Letting it melt generates a large rush that lingers for some time.  I have to say this is my favorite of the trio we were sent.

The folks at Intemperantia told me that their cute boxes can come decorated in a variety of ways so if you decide to use these this Halloween, contact them and ask about your options.  This means that their chocolates are also useful for almost any holiday or occasion because the real difference is in the packaging not the delightful treats themselves.  From now until the end of December, 2010, we here on The Chocolate Cult have our own special discount of 10% at Intemperantia.  With any of these you are getting worthy Sacraments that you and those you love should slowly enjoy


Rico said...

Well done those chocs look delicious..thanks for sharing

Rico-Tried and Tested Recipes

TheChocolatePriestess said...

They are very cute but also elegant I think. I like that you can choose the decoration for the boxes.

Monet said...

Not only are these organic, but they are vegan, and they come in the most adorable little packages. Can I please have a dozen! Thank you for sharing I need a chocolate fix!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Monet. I double-checked and I did mention that they have no animal products in the first paragraph. Have you had these before or did they just look tasty from our descriptions?

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