Monday, November 8, 2010

Final 2010 Chocolate Walk Round Up

On Saturday, this coming Saturday, November 13, 2010, Sisters and Brothers, a group of chocolate lovers is gathering at your Chocolate Priestess' house to meet up and then carpool caravan over to Nashville, Indiana, to spend the day walking, eating chocolate, hanging out with like-minded folks, and helping animals in need.

The Chocolate Walk has some tickets left at $20 a piece for 31 different chocolate stops on a scenic walk around the artist colony.  You can still buy them online until 6pm on Friday if they last that long.  You can take chance a just show up that day to buy them but I wouldn't count given the popularity of this event last year.  Remember tickets are limited.

For anyone who has purchased tickets and wants to join our caravan, you MUST send me an email if you have not all ready done so.  You can contact me at "thetammyjo" -- yes you'll have to fix that a bit so that spammers have to work harder to annoy me and drag me from the chocolate you all want me to review.  When I've received your email, I'll give you my address and cell number for that day.

I'm making a check list of folks who want to come with us.  We are gathering at 9am, taking a group photo, then getting into cars, fewer cars I hope so we are carpooling and saving space (parking) and energy/money.  Note: parking can be an issue so we want to leave as soon as possible after the photo so we can find parking, hopefully free, and then go to the starting point of the Walk.

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