The Chocolate Cult: Winners in Halloween Treat Challenge 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winners in Halloween Treat Challenge 2010

October was time for our Annual Halloween Treat Challenge here on The Chocolate Cult.

We had six categories but not every category produced a winner, there was no retailer entry this year though last year we did have a winning retailer.

Here are our categories and the winning chocolate companies.  Companies were judged on the specific Halloween nature of their treat, the ease of using said treat for parties or to hand out to trick or treaters, and over all quality of the chocolate and other ingredients.

Best Mass Produced Halloween Treat: Sjaak’s

Best Gourmet Halloween Treat: Obrigadeiro

Best Baked Halloween Treat: The Protein Bakery

Best Independent Halloween Novelty: Sweet Mona’s

Best Halloween Treat Source: No Entries

Best Halloween Treat: Sjaak’s

Sjaak's wins because their treats are small yet individually wrapped making it easy to hand out.  They are also available not just from the creators but from some retailers as well making them easier to find.  Their only draw back is that they are dark chocolate which little kids often do not like. 

Winners may submit a 250X250 HTML coded ad to place on the side bar of the The Chocolate Cult with the category they won as the header for 30 days starting whenever they wish.  Each winner will be contacted individually by your Chocolate Priestess.

Just a note: Both Intemperantia and TerraSource submitted treats. While their chocolates were delicious they didn't quite match their competitors in their particular categories. We hope you go back and reread the Sacraments and visit all these great sports and wonderful chocolatiers, buy their products if you can.

Thank you all for reading and leaving comments on The Chocolate Cult.

Hang on.  November is a month of GIVEAWAYS for us.


Unknown said...

There is no such thing as bad chocolate..unless of course its the dollar store kind heh.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mama Cupcake.

Chocolate can be better or worse, generally I find that the fewer additives, the purer the chocolate, the better it tastes and delivers that buzz we look for here on The Chocolate Cult.

I hope you'll come back and look into our contests and giveaways this month. We're hosting a lot of them and we need a lot of entries. You can enter as many as you like.

briarrose said...

Yum! They all look tasty.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, briarrose. They were all pretty darned good and I have some of them still left and they are still good.

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