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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Chocolate Dates

December has several holidays, official, religious and just fun, that you can celebrate with Chocolate.  We're about to have a lot of Christmas specific Sacraments and more giveways starting on Saturday, Sisters and Brothers, so I though I should do this calendar post soon.

December 1 = National Pie Day was technical yesterday but I wanted to get that review of a cake mix in before Hanukkah started.

December 4 = National Cookie Day is a day my friends should strive to have their annual cookie party on I think but then this is really close to Thanksgiving.

December 5 = National Sacher Torte Day.  What is a Sacher Torte or Sachertorte as I've seen it spelled?  Apparently it is a type of cake created by an Austrian apprentice chef named Franz Sacher based on a traditional recipe that dates back at least to the early 18th century in Austrian cookbooks.

December 9 = National Pastry Day falls on a Thursday this year so you could make something and have it on our Saturday Sacrament. If you do, let me know what you made.

December 12 = National Cocoa Day is different in that it focuses on an ingredient not a dessert.

December 15 = National Cookie Day, National Cupcake Day.  I found two different fun food holidays for this date.  Couldn't we pick one of these and move it to a less busy Chocolate month?

December 16 = National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.  Anything, huh?  This might give people ideas...

December 28/29 = National Chocolate Days is another holiday I found two dates for but what is most odd is that these on consecutive days.  Plus shouldn't we had enough sweets over Christmas?  I think this holiday needs to be moved again to a less busy month.

Tell me what you think, Sisters and Brothers.

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