The Chocolate Cult: Giveaway Chocolate Stocking Stuffer #2

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giveaway Chocolate Stocking Stuffer #2

As promised, Sisters and Brothers, this is your second chance to win a chocolate stocking stuffer for 2010.  Again this is a FAST giveaway and again the same number of entrants must be received so that 5 of your can win one of these bars.  Give it to someone you love or eat it yourself or better share it with another person this holiday season.  These bars from the Praim, LLC., company and they are also affiliated with the folks from Bloomsberry as well as Aunt Ida's and Bubble Chocolate who have all sent us products to review before.

These bars are identical in taste, look, and content as the Bloomsberry bars so I won't repeat that information.  However, the box designs are quite different and there are more of them which you'll need to investigate when you leave a comment for the Giveaway.

The "Ho Ho Ho" bar is our 34% variety from Praim.  No Santa though, only Rudolph on the paper box.  For some reason these bars both broke in transit even though they came in the exact same box.

The "ChoCOALate" bar remains me of the chocolate coal I reviewed last week.  As you may recall, I really didn't find that worth much at all, thus it would make a decent bad gift for someone.  But let's say you actually like the person are are being funny by saying "you deserve coal for Christmas" then this is the bar you choose because it tastes wonderful.

If the chocolate is the same between Bloomsberry and Praim, what does Praim offer differently?  That's something you are going to tell me when you enter the Giveaway below.

Praim is offering five, that's right, five readers bars that were reviewed today if you live in the continental USA.  This is a very generous offer but it is also shorter in length than the previous one, so I want a minimum of 10 people to enter this giveaway.  After you've entered, get your friends and family to enter, tweet about it, put it  up on Facebook or your private blog, but get the word out.  Your chances of winning are ZERO if we don't get at least 10 entries.  You MUST follow each of these steps to be entered to win.  Winner will chosen on Saturday, December 11, 2010, right before the next Giveaway begins.

1. You MUST be a public follower of The Chocolate Cult.  In your comment leave a note saying how you are following us: Blogspot, Facebook, or Networked Blogs.  Please make sure the name you use in the comment matches your listing via that method because I do check.

2. Go to Praim's website HERE and state which you'd be most interested in buying and why.  You may want to enter their contest to design a box for the 2011 season.

3. Make sure you have an email I can easily find, generally by clicking on your name.  I do not recommend putting it in your comment for privacy's sake but I need to contact you and the nice folks at Praim  so you can arrange to get your chocolate stocking stuffer.

I will choose the winner using the same random number generator I use all the time and contact them privately first thing on Saturday morning so enter NOW. Then get others to enter so we reach our 10 entry goal and 5 of you will get a chocolate stocking stuffer of  your very own.


jperonto said...

I'm following you with Google and Facebook!

The Joy, Love and Peace bar is the bar I would choose! I would choose it because that's the most positive sounding phrase on any of the boxes. Positive chocolate highs sound great! :)!

Thanks for another great giveaway!

jperonto said...

Oh! And my email is

elizabeth said...

I'm following you on Facebook and Blogspot. I would choose the ChocCOALate. When I was a kid my grandfather would always tell me I was getting coal in my stocking, and I think it would be funny to give him the chocolate-bar version of coal.

PatronQueen said...

I follow on Facebook - Patron Queen

I would choose the ChoCOALate bar because it is dark chocolate and a cute play on words.

liquidj said...

I follow on Facebook.
In Milk Chocolate, and because I am a singer, I would choose the Fa La La La Ahhhhh. In the Dark Chocolate, I'd go with the ChoCOALate, as a great play on words.

Whryne said...

I follow on facebook.

I'd choose the choCOALate bar because the name is funny and it'd go great in my sons stocking.

my e-mail is voltagirlatgmaildotcom

mavido79 said...

Okay, so technically, I do the cult on Facebook but in reality, I just check in here every couple of days to see what's going on. Like several others, I'm a fan of the choCOALate bar. Funny name and good looking chocolate.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for every one who left a comment.

However no one won because we had only 5 people enter by the time I got up on Saturday morning, December 11, 2010.

There is a new giveaway, the last of the year, on that date.

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