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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Premium Chocolate Santa

There are some chocolates that look edible, you know what I mean, right, Sisters and Brothers, they just look like they want you to eat them.  Other chocolates are more artistic, you want to look at them but you also want to eat them.  Then others are beautiful and you wonder "Should I eat this?"  That's the problem your Chocolate Priestess had when she opened a box from Premium Chocolatiers

Inside I found this "Cheerful Santa Claus with Presents" a 7oz hollow Santa figurine made of dairy free and nut free white, dairy free "milk" chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolates.  He looks so detailed for a mass produced chocolate.  The darker chocolate on his hat, gloves, and his eyes; the white on his hat and sleeves, his beard and the bow on his sack; the rest is the dairy free "milk" chocolate.  He stands 7.25 inches tall with a base of 2.25 inches but almost 3.5 inches across at his tummy/sack live.

Look at  his little face.

I asked for his forgiveness before I broke him open to show you that he is indeed hollow.  His head and left shoulder are the thickest parts and very difficult to break apart.  Remember, Sisters and Brothers, I committed this horrible act for all of you! *smile*

The difference flavors of the chocolates are evident when you reach them.  The white is creamy though not milky, the major parts are rather vanilla heavy but also have a nice cocoa essence, while the darker sections are more bitter as I'd hoped.  For those of you with allergies the big concern with be soy and the chocolate, especially the white and "milk" varieties do have a slight soy aftertaste.  But for vegans and those of you with tree nut or peanut allergies, I think this would be a beautiful gift.

If this Santa sounds good to you, then you need to hurry because Christmas will be here soon.  As you break more pieces off, the scents keep building and he starts to melt a bit on your hands.  Now until the end of December you can also claim this special 10% discount by entering "chocolatecult" in the coupon code box when you check out any items from Premium Chocolatiers.

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