Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Target Holiday Leftovers

Two days after Christmas, your Chocolate Priestess and the Milk Chocolate Acolyte went to do some post-holiday shopping to use up gift cards and just see what was available in the stores nearest them.

I found these three chocolaty treats in our near by Target store.  Frankly none of these are specifically Christmas as much as they are specifically winter time or winter flavors really so if you can find them, use them throughout the winter.

The first are the Christmas version of Oreo.  We used to get white chocolate covered ones but we haven't seen those in stores for a few years now which makes both my home Acolytes sad.  They both love Oreos, you see.  These are slightly more filled with the cream than the normal ones but they weren't marked double stuffed either. The cream, as I hope you can see in the photo, is a bright red.  The big question then: Would they taste like dye?  The answer is happily "NO" they taste like Oreos should!  Then one of our Mocha Acolytes, who helped us sample these treats, asked "What is the point then if they just taste like the regular ones?"  I think the point is the color really.

Next up was the Dove Peppermint Bark that came in a box with snowflakes on it.  Inside were four large pieces of bark, each one was actually 8 dark chocolate squares bound together with white chocolate and broken pieces of candy canes.  Again the color scheme is such that you don't have to be limited to Christmas at all.  This and the Oreos could easily be used for Valentine's Day for example.  The peppermint was there but not overwhelming, the white chocolate was nicely creamy but the dark chocolate had a solid kick of bitterness to it.  Resulting in a nicely varied treat.  This was our Milk Chocolate Acolyte's favorite as well as mine of these three.

Finally we had the Fudge Covered Ritz Crackers.  Before you got "YUCK" like the Milk Chocolate Acolyte did give them a try.  The chocolate is milk chocolate and it did taste slightly fudgy.  The Mocha Acolyte who told me that he isn't fond of Ritz Crackers at all liked these; of the three these were his favorite of this trio but this was our Milk Chocolate Acolyte's least favorite.  Frankly if you ate one whole you really only got the chocolate with a bit of salt and crunch. If you bit it in half the second bite was more Ritz flavored which means it had more salt and some butteryness to it.

So, Sisters and Brothers, if you tried any of these three products this year, leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.  As you can see we have different opinions ourselves.

If you found something else at the after holiday sales at Target that you were impressed with in terms of chocolate, let us know that, too.

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