Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cocoa & Nuts in Vancouver

Sisters and Brothers, today we will look at the final offering from CocoaNymph, a Vancouver chocolatier.  Previously we looked at their Sea Nymph bar and 8 flavors of their bons.  Today we're going to look at two types of flavored tree nuts, only one of which has chocolate so that is the only one that will get a full sensory review.

The "Bee Stings" are a 200g tub of chocolate, really cocoa covered almonds with honey and sea salt.  No nutritional information came with this so just don't go crazy and eat the entire tub in one sitting but almonds can be healthy for you in the right amounts.  The cocoa was very strong and dark both in flavor and in scent.  Don't take too big of a whiff though when you open the tub or you may be tempted to sneeze; don't worry I turned my head and even stood up to walk a few steps away before I sneezed.  The almonds appear to be both whole and halves or parts of the nuts and since they are fully coated with the cocoa this must be the way the nuts were before treatment.  They make nice soft crunchy sounds with each chew and have that earthly almond essence you expect from the nut.  The honey adds a hint of sweet to the bitter cocoa and there is a salty kick to them.  Primarily you taste the almond itself and the cocoa.

The other tub is "Emilia's Walnuts" which are walnuts covered in a glaze of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar.  No cocoa or chocolate so I can't really review them other than to say that personally the vinegar was a bit too strong for my personal tastes.  Yes, CocoaNymph, contrary to it's name, does offer confections that are not chocolate.

If you liked the description of the these almonds  from CocoaNymph then you must check them out.  For our reader in Vancouver, please do let us know if you've visited their brick and mortar store at 3739 W. 10th Ave (at Alma) and what  you thought of it.  Just so you know, the two varieties we looked at today are not on the website. This probably means they offer seasonal nut treats so keep checking back in or visit the store.

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Pierce said...

Thaks for the nice comment on my blog! It's a Food Network calendar and they noted Bittersweet Chocolate day on the calendar...I picked up that calendar at Borders bookstore, by the way.

Nice post you have here on chocolate - my weakness!!

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