The Chocolate Cult: Dagoba Hot Chocolate #1

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dagoba Hot Chocolate #1

It's Wednesday and it's cold so that means another hot cocoa review here on The Chocolate Cult.  Today we are going to look at Dagoba Organic Chocolate in their Unsweetened Hot Chocolate cylinder.  I found this at SaharaMart which isn't too far from my house. I had a coupon for another variety of this same brand but not only was this the only variety they had in the store, it was the only hot chocolate mix from this brand at all in the store.  We looked and looked for it.  Luckily the checkout boy let us use the coupon anyway which was good because 8oz of this is close to $8 which is insane as you'll soon learn.

I knew immediately that being unsweetened meant this would be too bitter for the vast majority or people but I wanted to try it.  I had two others to share some with and we each tried it with nothing added then added a few things to sweeten it.  We used 1% milk for this experiment, mixing the chocolate in at 2 tablespoons per servings (3 servings) as per the instructions.  The mix worked very well when I used a whisk to beat it into the warmed milk and it stayed fairly well blended throughout the time we experimented and drank it.

The first thing I added was some marshmallows and I let them melt and melt.

Nope, still too bitter for me.

We each ended up adding in 2 teaspoons of Splenda to the cocoa and that took just enough of the bitterness away that we were able to enjoy it.

This is where the price becomes a serious concern for many of you, I'm sure, Sisters and Brothers.  If you are paying $1 a serving for unsweetened hot chocolate mix when you could (hopefully) find it sweetened for the same amount, why get the unsweetened?  The sugar or whatever you add will also cost money, right?  The only reason is that you have a family with wildly variable tastes for sweetness and you want to have the freedom to individually doctor your drinks.  But if like us, your tastes are about the same, I say try to find the type all ready sweetened.  If I had the choice, that is what I would go with myself.

So you tell me.  Why do you choose unsweetened hot chocolate mix?


Anonymous said...

I hate this hot chocolate!
Wiliams Sonoma is far superior

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Ah but apparently you don't hate it enough to leave a name; your comment is anonymous!

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