The Chocolate Cult: Trio of Milka

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trio of Milka

Originally, Sisters & Brothers, I wanted to do this post as a review of three types of Milka brand chocolate bars which I found on sale at our local co-op, Bloomingfoods.   However the condition of one of the bars prevents an honest review of anything other than the store itself so with that in mind, please keep reading.

The first bar we tried was the "Alpine Milk" which is milk chocolate.  This is made in Germany but distributed by Kraft.  It had a very creamy and milky flavor and oddly the ingredients list hazelnut paste yet it cause my husband, who is allergic to tree nuts, no problems.  We didn't check, it was supposed to be just a milk chocolate bar after all.  Weird.  It had that strange buttery flavor that we found in the Aldi's chocolate if you recall from that post-Christmas review.

Next we tried the "Bitter Cikolata" bar and here we saw a big problem the store itself caused.  You see, one of the reasons you need to keep chocolate under temperature and moisture controls is that both can cause bloom.  If the bar gets to hot then cools down, fats will start to separate out and raise to the top.  Take a look and see how that affects what the bar looks like in this photo.  Yep, the store had poorly manage temperatures before it put this bar on sale.  Don't believe it if you've read or heard the bloom does not affect flavor -- it does!  Best to use such damaged chocolates for melting.

Finally I enlisted my White Chocolate Acolyte to try the "Beyaz Cikolata" bar from Milka.  He said it was creamy and had a strong resemblance to almond bar; he wanted pretzels with it!  That was odd because this is made with cocoa butter, real white chocolate, and almond bark is not.  For me personally, the white was just too creamy and too sweet for my tastes but you know I prefer darker chocolates.

I'm sure that Milka has more flavors but those are the ones I found on sale at our local co-op and decided to give a try.  Two were worth the $1.99 but the dark one had been far too damaged and shouldn't have even been sold for a dollar.


briarrose said...

The chocolate lover in my cried out over the bloom in the one bar. I'd have been so sad to bring that home and opened it up to find that. ;)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

It is especially annoying because we still pay for the chocolate when stores allow this to happen. It isn't that difficult to keep chocolate correctly. Under temp and moisture controls it can last for years especially when it has preservatives as much of the mass produced chocolate does.

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