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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate! Chocolate! 2011

Today is Valentine's Day, Sisters and Brothers, but I did three featured reviews and to be blunt, if you haven't gotten your sweetie something yet, what I saw in the stores on Saturday afternoon tells me that you pickings are slim in most brick and mortar stores.  Happy Valentine's Day but I found something even cooler and more loving than just giving chocolate.

I found another Pilgrimage that my chocolate followers in Indiana or even Ohio might be interested  in for next year.  It is called "Chocolate! Chocolate!" and it again benefits the Brown County Humane Society in Nashville, Indiana.  The event just celebrated it's 9th year with a large crowd yesterday, February 13, 2011, but it was your Chocolate Priestess's first time attending.  I went with my husband, our Milk Chocolate Acolyte, and we had a great two hours of our day.

This event was in the Season's Lodge Convention center and it filled an entire room.  I'm about to give you a photo tour of the event so get ready to see what you missed.

When we first walked in, we picked up our tickets that were waiting for us.  There were also tables with information and shirts you could buy for the Brown County Humane Society.  Inside some volunteers took our tickets (he didn't want you to see him), one took our coats (the lady to the left) and another had a tray of chocolate treats to start you off with a bang (the lady on the right).

There was nice jazz music provided by Sophie Faught and Nick Tucker.

There was a huge table of chocolates, all donated and homemade ranging from cookies to brownies to candies.  I took photos from two sides so you could see better.  Along the back was a cash bar, a fondue fountain and a non-alcoholic drink table.  All run by wonderful volunteers.

From the Left Hand Side
From the Left Hand Side

Bar & Fountain, Chairman Checking
Mocha drinks, milks, and non-alcoholic bubbly.

Here we have the gentleman who organizes this event each year and one of his volunteers in working the fountain table.  I didn't sample anything from there but they had strawberries and pound cake both.  The number of times I saw folks to back and forth though it seemed a big hit.

They also had tables for silent auctions of goods most of which were not food though there was some along with some wine, some art, some event tickets, jewelry and clothing.  The largest item was a bed frame!

Of course, I know you, Sister and Brothers, you are wondering "Is she ever getting to the chocolate?  Yup.  It was homemade and given to the event.  I won't review the individual pieces but here is my first plate full.  I apologize for the photos, I don't what the camera's problem was.  I had it set for indoors and flash.

Between the time of the first and second plate, about 40% of the chocolate variety was gone!  I loved talking to the folks at our table.  They came from Ohio to spend a romantic weekend in Nashville and discovered "Chocolate! Chocolate!"   One couple was from Dayton and the other four were two couples, friends who were splitting a cabin.  As I said I loved talking to them but a lot of chocolate disappeared.  I still got a good variety.
All of that, all of it, for $8 or $10 a person depending on if you bought your tickets ahead of time (we did) or at the door.  They had one animal to meet face to face and sold animal treats for your pets.  They also had a display screen showing other animals they currently have for adoption.

The four folks left and a family of five joined the table before I went to get another plate. The one woman was new to the area and this was a gift to her from the others.  I told them about "The Chocolate Walk" which they didn't know about.   This time when I went back, most of the chocolate was very low.  The event was selling $1 boxes for folks to pack up chocolate and take home.  But they were running so low I didn't think that was a good idea plus we brought bags but when we saw they had thought of that as a way to make more for the animals, we didn't back anything away.

I met older couples, younger couples, friends, entire families at this event.  Some folks came because they loved animals, some because they loved chocolate, some because they were staying in Brown County to celebrate the weekend and just heard of it.  I only heard of it because I'm on the mailing list after attending a few "Chocolate Walks". 

So next  year, keep this in mind. A fun way to get a lot of homemade chocolates, mingle with folks who love chocolate and animals, plus help the animals and have a change to get some cool items really cheaply.  "Chocolate! Chocolate!" is definitely Pilgrimage worthy.  I only hope they get a bigger space and tell their bakers and candy makers to make more goodies.


Kristen said...

What a great way to have fun, splurge on chocolate and support a worthwhile program. Sounds like a fun time!

briarrose said...

Looks like a wonderful event. A good cause and yummy treats. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind and enthusiastic review. I'm glad you had fun and appreciate you helping to spread the word! With regards, the 'ticket lady' you gave your card to at the door.

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