Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Godiva Hot Cocoa Reviewed

Before the end of 2010, your Chocolate Priestess used a coupon and her Godiva membership to place an order.  Among the items was their hot cocoa mix which comes in a 4 packet box which means this isn't inexpensive chocolate.  Costs can mean many things when it comes to chocolate -- fair trade, organic, greed, additives, or brand name -- but it does not necessarily equal quality of the chocolate product.

These are the two packets of Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix.  This has real chocolate as well as dairy products if that is a concern for you.  It also has added oils which really throws me since the dark version does not.  What is the point of the added oil?  The packet itself has 130 calories, 1.5g saturated fat, 5mg sodium, 2g fiber, 22g sugars, 1g protein with a minor amount of calcium but 10% of the daily iron you need.  Of course adding milk to it, the box suggests 2%, will add calories and changes the nutritional amounts so be aware of that.

The cocoa had a good chocolate scent and most importantly for a mix, it blended very well with the milk.  I heated the milk first then whisked in the cocoa mix.  As you can see we had it with some marshmallows when we tried it a few days back. The cocoa had a chocolaty taste that wasn't too sweet or creamy but a fair balance even after the marshmallows melted.   If you want more sweetness, you can always add sugar or more marshmallows, if you want more cream, add a higher fat milk.

The dark cocoa mix was darker in color but also had very different nutritional values per packet; again the type of milk you use will change this.  It has 170 calories with 2g saturated fat, 30mg sodium, 5g fiber, 25g sugars, 3g protein, minor amount of calcium and 15% of the daily iron you need.  This has less added ingredients and no added oils at all.

The dark cocoa also mixes very nicely into the milk after I heat it.  The scent is much stronger and the color before it is blended is much darker.  However, after it was mixed with the milk, the color was no different than the milk chocolate cocoa was.  However that stronger cocoa fragrance remained.  The mix stayed blended well and the taste was bitter, much more so than the scent suggested it would be.  Now if you like bitter, darker chocolate, this is great.  If you do not, stick with the milk chocolate mix.

This is an expensive treat, one I got for us only because I had discounts and because I wanted to review it for all of you, Sisters and Brothers.  It may be outside your budget to drink often but for special events or romantic moments, if you pick the variation which appeals to you best, then it is a nice treat.


WaywardGambit said...

Awesome! I love hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I love hot chocolate too. I've been meaning to try the Thomas Haas hot chocolate mix, but it's like $20something for a small container. Eventually!!

I really love making my own hot chocolate with really good cocoa powder, so good!!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you both for commenting on this post. I hope you keep reading and commenting. I love hot chocolate, too, but it has to be decent and it has to be affordable. Making your own can be an option though I get so much to review that I simply don't.

mavido79 said...

Okay, now I have a craving for hot chocolate. Thankfully, I have the ingredients necessary to make some. Now, I wonder if I've still got some marshmallows.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

When a hot chocolate completely satisfies me without marshmallow then I know I have found THE ONE.

stidge said...

As a gift to fellow lovers of all things decadent, I'm sharing my personal recipe for the Ultimate Cafe Mocha. First of all, you will need an espresso machine with a capable frothing wand. Saeco makes a great machine.

2 tspns Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate (dark preffered)

1 tspn Godiva Cocoa (again, dark preffered)

splash of PURE vanilla extract (costco sells a nice version)

12 oz low=fat (or better ;) milk

Prepare, per your machines instructions, and don't overheat the milk.

This will blow ANY barrista-generated version. ENJOY!!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Hi, Stidge, thanks for the recipe -- it was great to go with this post since your recipes uses the product we reviewed.

I hope you read more of our posts and comment.

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