The Chocolate Cult: March Chocolate Holidays 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

March Chocolate Holidays 2011

So that your Chocolate Priestess can plan out her very busy month of March, I'm posting this the last day of February.  Below are the current list I have of Chocolate Holidays or possible Chocolate Holidays.  If you know of more, leave a comment with a link to where you found the listing.  Together we can make a thorough calendar for all of us, Sisters and Brothers.

March 14 = National Pi Day which is often treated as a pie day -- instead of getting a fruit pie or pizza pie, how about you make a chocolate pie

3rd week of March = American Chocolate Week -- I'm betting this is really a United States Chocolate Week but we casually use "American" even though it cold apply to anyone living in North, Central or South America.

March 24 = National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day -- I'm not a bit fan of raisins but I did note a new dark chocolate version of Raisinets that perhaps I'll try for you all

March 26 = National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day -- I want suggestions for this.  Make them please and if it involves chocolate in a way that we don't all ready have a holiday for, your suggestion will be one we'll vote on as a group.

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