The Chocolate Cult: Celebrate Ghana Independence with Chocolate

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Celebrate Ghana Independence with Chocolate

There is another national holiday that we can honor but using Chocolate, Sisters and Brothers, and that is to mark Ghana's independence from Great Britain on March 6.  We've reviewed single source chocolate products made from Ghana cacao but today I want to give you some more information about Ghana that shows how important chocolate is to their nation.

Ghana is in western Africa and is slightly smaller that the USA state of Oregon in terms of physical size.  While they are within the belt for cacao production they are several environmental issues that can affect their crops such as extremes of wet and dry seasons, erosion and their water supply even though they have the world's largest artificial lake, Lake Volta.  As of last year they were number 47 in terms of world population much of which is related to their two principle income makers: Gold and Cocoa.  Government regulations tend to create higher standards for cacao so you may notice the finer quality of Ghana chocolate.  Ghana is the second largest cacao producer in the world as of 2009.

Cocoa is so important that it appears on their national coat of arms which has four shields, the third of which shows a cocoa tree to represent their national wealth and agriculture's importance to their nation.

Since they are such an important part of the world's cocoa production, I want to charge each of you, Sisters and Brothers to go out and find something made from Ghana cocoa to celebrate their independence.  Then leave a comment here telling me if you celebrated and how.

To learn more about Ghana visit their official government website

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