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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Online Bake Sale for Japan

Sisters and Brothers, I'm sure that many of you have heard about the earthquake and the following tsunami near Japan.  Aftershocks and damage to the infrastructure are causing serious problems with the nation. To support relief efforts via Second Harvest Japan, an online bake sale has been organized that I thought you all might want to know about.  Sabrina of The Tomato Tart is the lady in charge so I'll just copy her words explaining the event below.

Hello Bakers,
Thank you so much for joining the Online Bake Sale for Japan. We are donating all of the money to Second Harvest Japan- the food bank working on the ground to get people fed. Once again, I am overwhelmed by the kindness and enthusiasm of the blogging community. This bake sale is taking off like wildfire. So far we have almost 60 bakers from at least 6 countries!

I know some of you have already sent me your treats, but since logistics are getting so crazy, I am going to ask for everything one more time.  I appreciate your patience.

If you could have all of this to me by the 23rd, that would be really really helpful.

The bake sale auction happens on the 30th of March, but I will have a preview of all of the items up by the 28th of March at the latest.  I will send you the name and address of the highest bidder within a couple of days, and I'll ask that you ship everything by Monday the 11th of April which will give you two full weekends to bake or make your item.

Here's what I need:

Your Name:

Your Blog Name:

Your Blog Address:

Where You Live:
You can be as specific or general as you feel comfortable
for example, I'll say San Francisco, CA you may say only Italy or Montana.

A Blurb About What You Are Making:
My vegan matcha green tea cupcakes with sudachi icing were inspired by a trip to Japan town during the Cherry Blossom festival last year. I thought it wholly appropriate to donate these in solidarity with the people of Japan. Moist and delicious and free of eggs and dairy, these cupcakes have become famous amongst my friends. I'll ship these in mason jars so they arrive fresh and all in one piece.

A Link To The Item on Your Blog:
I know some of you are not bloggers, I have an idea! You can create a foodbuzz account (super simple) and share the recipe and a photo there. If this is too much trouble, email me and we will work something out.

Are you willing to ship internationally?

Also, please send a picture of your baked good/goods

Also, I've attached three sizes of badges for you to put on your site. If you need another size, let me know. I'm a graphic designer, so photoshop tweaks are super quick for me.

Please let me know about any blog posts you do on the bake sale, I'll try to promote them as well.

Again, thank you so much.  Let's Raise Some Dough!

contact info:

Sabrina Modelle
phone: 650.533.849
twitter: @thetomtatotart


Nancy said...

It is so great that so many bloggers are joining in helping to raise money for the people of Japan. Bravo to everyone. I am not participating but I have donated to a charity already.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

I hope it helps out some, Spicie Foodie. I may have a lot of overlap with other bloggers but I also know some of my readers don't read general food blogs so I'm hoping this helps spread the word.

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