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Monday, March 21, 2011

Perkins Memories Better

We don't have a Perkins restaurant in the town I currently live in.  When I lived in NYC, we didn't see any near us as well.  I remember visiting them now and again when I was growing up.  I remember that I always had to have something chocolate while there and in my memory their chocolate baked goods were always great.

Recently I was in the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio, for a convention and I went to a Perkins there twice.  Each time I got a chocolate treat and sadly each time was I disappointed.

First I got the Chocolate Silk Pie which I try at any restaurant or store that sells them.  In fact, this was the first type of pie I ever made myself and I earned one of my Girlscout badges making a full formal dinner with this type of dessert.   You can see that it looks great, nice and thick, a good crust not over baked, a fluffy white whipped cream and HUGE chocolate curls.  The chocolate in the curls was the most chocolaty part of the pie.  The chocolate filling was too sweet and that level of sweetness over came the creaminess and the chocolatyness I expected.

The pie was better than the cookie I tried the next day. A Chocolate Chip cookie which was again very big but disappointing once I ate it.  For me, I want a softer chocolate chip cookie with some bulk to it.  This was only soft in the center 1/5 of the cookie, the rest was very crisp.  It was also very buttery and only had a chocolate taste in the chips though there were a lot of them.  I wanted to try the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie but our server gave me just a second one of these and it was the same as the first.

I'll try other chocolate things at the next Perkins we visit, I'm sure, they have a few others to think about, but my fond memories of these particular treats were better than the real deal this time.


Unknown said...

ahh Perkins! I should really get over there again soon!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm glad you like the Easter Egg Hunt cookies
♥- Katrina

mavido79 said...

But dang those chocolate curls looked yummy

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