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Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Easter Chocolate Singles

Easter is only a few days away and if you aren't Christian, don't worry, most of things that happen around Easter these days have almost nothing to do with religion but a lot of them can have something to do with our Sacred Substance: Chocolate.  I went out and found a few more treats in the single pack category and wanted to share them with you today, Sisters and Brothers.  As you can see I found another Peeps, a Butterfinger product and something from Russell Stover all at my nearby K-mart store.  All three for under $3 though that is mostly because our first treat was well below the average price of the other two.

We'll start with the first of our two marshmallow based treats.  This will be four such reviews for Easter 2011, won't it?  Our artisan marshmallows which were a Saturday Sacrament put the marshmallows in all of these to shame but these over more chocolate coating so let's see how they do over all.  The Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg covered in Milk Chocolate weighs in at 1oz and was about 60¢ a piece.  I also saw a strawberry version but I wanted to go simple for this comparison.  This has real chocolate but also artificial flavors though not cocoa related and in terms of allergens only dairy and possibly soy seem to be an issue.  One egg has 110 calories made up of mostly sugars but it is marshmallow so what do you expect?  The egg is 2.5 X 1.6 X 0.75 inches in dimensions so a nice big treat.  It has a moderate milk chocolate scent and a strong sugary scent.  The marshmallow is very soft, and not as sugary as the scent suggested which let the chocolate reign supreme.  I give this a thumbs up.

Remember the milk chocolate peeps from last week?  Several of you said you'd seen and tried the dark chocolate ones so I looked and finally at that same K-mart I found a few of them, I bought one because these were 99$ a piece.  Nutritionally not much different from the Russell Stover, both are 1oz by the way, and I'm curious about where this one's 10 extra calories come from.  The peeps inside Does not have as strong of a chocolate scent but what it does have is much darker and no sugar fragrance before I take a bite.  It measures 2.5 X 2.25 X 1 inches in dimensions as as you can see is only vaguely chick shaped which was disappointing to me.  The chocolate shell here is much thicker and the marshmallow inside is a bright yellow... sigh, that dye is one reason I don't like Peeps because I always taste the dye over the marshmallow.  That's the case here as well though the dark chocolate almost covers it up.  I'm so sad to say this but in this case, I liked the milk chocolate variety better.

That takes us to the Butterfinger Egg which I've had before but never reviewed so it was a nice reason to buy this at also 99¢ a piece.  This is 1.2oz and has 160 calories with more saturated fat and sugars than the other two treats we've looked at today.  It is supposed to be butterfinger pieces in milk chocolate and it looks like a big half eggs coming in at 2.5 X 1.5 X 0.75 inches.  It feels hefty to hold and has a moderate milk chocolate scent with an underlining hint of Butterfinger.  The egg is primarily solid chocolate with pieces of visible Butterfinger which makes a crunchy sound and adds more texture.  The buttery tanginess of the candy bar pieces blend perfectly with the milk chocolate but because of the amount of the chocolate, this is more chocolaty that the Butterfinger candy bar you are probably familiar with.  As with those, this has dairy, soy, and peanuts some of you may need to be wary about.

What is up with the stores this Easter?  There seems to be a great lack of candy and treats for Easter in my area.  What is it like where you are, Sisters and Brothers? Tomorrow I'm going to ask you what your favorite mass produced chocolate Easter treat is so please come back and leave comment on that post as well.


briarrose said...

I was surprised by the Butterfinger egg....I expected a lot for of the traditional Butterfinger center on this bad boy. It's like a Butterfinger teaser. ;)

Our store has a fairly mild Easter candy display...I'm glad to see I'm not alone on the minimal selection of goodies.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

briarrose, I'm also glad to know I'm not alone is Easter candy slim pickings. I just haven't had the time to go out and check other stores, not with all of the featured reviews we've been doing. I love my chocolate but I do have to try to practice that Moderation I preach.

Christine's Pantry said...

I went to Walmart yesterday, and the first thing I saw was Easter candy, rows and rows of Easter candy. Plenty of Easter candy around here. I say you can eat anything you want as long as its in moderation. Moderation is the key. Love your blog!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

We have a Walmart in town but it's a bit away and I have some issues regarding unions. I've been there looking for chocolate that I couldn't find elsewhere last year when Ghiradelli wanted to join our family and sent us freebie coupons we have to find a way to use. But you can read about that from last summer.

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