The Chocolate Cult: Artisan Marshmallow for Easter 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Artisan Marshmallow for Easter 2011

Update 2019: This business is no longer around so I have removed all the links to them.

Our friends at 240 Sweet Artisan Marshmallows sent us three more flavors of marshmallows to reveal to you this Easter season. Given that we just talked about Peeps yesterday, it seems the perfect time to reveal what your Chocolate Priestess did with these fluffy treats in honor of the spring time holiday.  We'll be seeing more from 240sweet in the future since our own Chocolate Fruit Acolyte now works there and lives in my town so she can save them money in bringing us new chocolate marshmallow creations. Do not worry; she will never be part of the review and we will always hold them to the same standards we do with all similar products.

Using the recipe on their website as a starting place, I made tiny batches of gourmet rice crispy treats.  While it would have been nice to try and make Easter shapes I didn't really have enough to work with.  This is the modified recipe:

2.67 ounces (approximately 3) 240sweet Artisan Marshmallows
1 tablespoon butter
1 cup crisped rice cereal

Grease bottom of 8 aluminum foil on a flat surface with a bit of the butter butter if so desired, I didn't to cut down on fat. 

In small saucepan, melt rest of butter over medium-low heat. Cut marshmallows into quarters so you have 12 pieces.  Add pieces and stir until melted.  Add crisped rice cereal. Stir until completely mixed.

Using a soup or table spoon from your table setting utensils, spoon out the goo into 3 mounds.  Let cool. Enjoy!

Makes about 3 serving.

Snickerlicioius Marshmallows.
The Snickerlicious smelled a bit like Snickers as I melted it but more peanut than chocolate really though there was a hint of caramel there as well. It melted very well and of course the full peanut pieces I hope you can make out in the close up photo didn't melt.  The flavor of the treats was a nice balance between the marshmallow and the peanuts then there was an almost noughty sort of flavor with the rice.  Sadly I didn't taste chocolate at all in this version.

S'mores Marshmallows
The S'more had a slightly strong chocolate flavor but even as it melted I could catch the graham crackers with my nose.  The chocolate chips melted easily.  These turned out almost the exact same color as the first batch of gourmet treats.  The primary flavor here was the marshmallows followed by a strong grahman cracker taste then the rice and just a hint of the chocolate.  With S'mores you want the flavors to be more balanced, the chocolate holding its own and that didn't work in these treats.

Coffee Chocolate Chip Marshmallows
Finally the Coffee Chocolate Chip marshmallows had a nice mocha scent as soon as I opened the bag. That fragrance grew as they melted and because of the much larger number of chocolate chips these were a darker color than the previous two  sets of gourmet rice crispy treats. As you know, coffee is not something your Chocolate Priestess really likes so I gave one of these treats to three different coffee drinkers, two of them our own Mocha Acolytes.  This was their consensus: very very like cocoa flavor, a mocha flavor but one that was very sugared down.  Over all they all three liked it but had to say it wasn't quite chocolaty enough.

Over all these three gourmet marshmallow just could not hold up their chocolate once melted into a rice crispy treat form.  240sweet Artisan Marshmallows are great as marshmallows but this particular trio lacked what we are really looking for here on The Chocolate Cult: CHOCOLATE.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh that looks yummy and I love all of that chocolate! Looks wonderful! :)


TheChocolatePriestess said...

Tammy, I wish the chocolate had been stronger actually but as marshmallow these are excellent!

BarMc said...

Gosh they sound delicious !

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, MarMc. Have you checked them out? I'm told they do most of their sales now via the Internet and are currently expanding production to meet demand.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they might taste with a nice chocolate drizzle to bring the chocolate flavors to the forefront?

briarrose said...

Wow those flavors sound so good. I'm not sure these would make it into a recipe for me...I'd be too busy just tearing into them. ;)

TheChocolatePriestess said...

There are lots of ways to eat these, briarrose, last time we reviewed another trio from this same company we used them different ways. I'm sure it would have been more chocolaty, bluestocking7, but then we have to try them out without added chocolate unless we're reviewing a cookbook or sharing a recipe, yes?

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