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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chocolate Related Recalls April 2011

Sisters and Brothers, it has been some time since your Chocolate Priestess gave you a heads up for recalls of products related to chocolate.  Today I saw a recalled for a chocolate pot from Williams-Sonoma and that made me to the the FDA's official recall cite and do some checking.

Organic Food Bar Recall 

This was the only current food recall I could find related to chocolate.  Previous ones were at least a month old and for products that wouldn't last a month so I didn't think it necessary to repeat them here.

Remember that products can be recalled for a variety of reasons.  Often it is a matter of an ingredient being left off the nutritional label and/or off of the list of possible allergens.  Always use your common sense though.  Bakes goods are very likely to have dairy products as is anything milk or white chocolate.  If you have serious tree nuts or peanut allergies and there is no nutritional list or label, err on the side of caution. 

Here is information about the recall that sent me looking.  Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate Pot Recall.   That something you can pay $30-40 dollars for might have the handle break off is a more serious problem.  You can't assume your cookwear, furniture and other reusable items are going to break, that just isn't a logical assumption unless you drop or misuse it, now is it?  At the same time one product does not undermine the good items any company or chocolatier might offer.  Be cautious but if you've had good experiences with a manufacturer I think you should keep purchasing from them.

I want you all to stay healthy and keep coming back to read and comment on The Chocolate Cult.


CakeWhiz said...

Thanks for the heads up!
-Abeer @

Christine's Pantry said...

Thanks for the info. :-)


The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thank you both. I need to stay on top of it better so I've signed up to receive recall alerts so I can pass them on.

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