Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lindt Easter Bunny Option

If you can find this cute little "basket" with two milk chocolate bunnies this review will give you a heads up on whether or not you should spend your Easter money this 2011 season or look elsewhere for a treat.

Like with most Lindt products this is real chocolate without preservatives or too many artificial flavorings though it does have both milk and soy if those are allergy concerns for you.  The two bunnies together are 2.5 servings which is a very unfortunate matter. Really?  Why put information on the label like this?  Why not have the nutritional value per bunny since that is how these will be eaten, you know that as well as I, Sisters and Brothers.  So let me try some math for you to figure this out more realistically.  One bunny has 262,5 calories made of 10g saturated fat, 12.5mg cholesterol, 37.5mg sodium, 27.5g sugars, 3.75g protein, less than 3% of the daily vitamin A and C, and iron you need daily along with 10% of the daily calcium you need.  See, it can be figured out and frankly companies should be serious and reflect actual consumption in their nutritional lists.

The bunny is 2.75 inches along the bottom and stands 3.75 inches tall.  The ears are solid milk chocolate that has a more vanilla than a creamy or milky taste to it.  The head and body are hollow however but that isn't uncommon for Easter bunnies now is it?  Be careful unwrapping it because the body and head are rather thin and I notice it broke very easily if you applied even the smallest amount of pressure.  One bunny is a lot chocolate and sugar but no cocoa buzz really.  Regardless, compare to what is generally out there in your brick and mortar stores, this is one of the better Easter bunnies I've ever had.


Cooking Rookie said...

They are so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Adorable bunnies!

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