Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sad Vegan Chocolate News

We here on The Chocolate Cult had the honor of revealing a good source of vegan chocolate to the world not long ago for our 2010 Halloween Treat Challenge.  We wanted to pass on this following news to you all, Sisters and Brothers, especially those who need or want vegan products.

April/May 2011
A lot has been happening in my life since the last newsletter, and here’s a snapshot of the major activities:
  • political rallies to defend our rights to collectively bargain;
  • pending retirement from state government;
  • deciding to depart from Madison (my home of 19-plus years); and
  • needing to address the debt accumulation from TerraSource Chocolates activities
It saddens me to say that as of May 15th, TerraSource Chocolates production will cease for an indefinite period of time, with no certainty that it will be able to resume in the future. My enthusiasm for offering dark vegan chocolates was not matched by market demand and I incurred some serious debt that cannot be ignored.
The good news for you is that the last of my existing stock is available for Mother’s Day at 25% off while supplies last. I have limited quantities in the various assortments and will try to match your preference as best I can. If you enjoy these chocolates and the green/social mission, it would help me tremendously to sell through the stock that remains. To order, please email me at or call me at 1.608.221.0588 or 1.877.808.9217.
I welcome any words of kindness or encouragement, and really appreciate each of you who gave TerraSource Chocolates a try. I hope to be writing to you with good news at some point in the future. In the meantime, I wish you a great summer and fall.
Your chocolate enthusiast,
Josie Pradella
Owner, TerraSource Chocolates


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