The Chocolate Cult: Tiny Morsels for Easter 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tiny Morsels for Easter 2011

The nice people from Divine Morsels sent us a bag of their treats for Easter and given that it is getting close, Sisters and Brothers, we needed to do this Special Sacramental Review so you can check them out and perhaps add them to your Easter baskets.  As you can see, the caramels are wrapped in brightly colored foil, I counted five colors in this one bag.

This is the bag of their chocolate caramels that Divine Morsels sent to us a short while back.  As you can the bag is very Easter like, itself like a colored egg with eggs, dots and flowers on the size.   Divine Morsels specializes in caramels of a wide variety and hopefully when their website is fully operational they'll list several flavors for you to chose from.  They also make fudge but today we'll focus on these caramels.

As you can see here when the foil wrappers are removed, the pieces vary by size.  This strongly adds weight to the handmade approach on their website.  Each is almost half an inch thick and vary from 1 X 1 inches to about 1/2 X 1/2 inch.  They have a sticky surface and a very buttery scent.  They are chewy but as as sticky as other caramels I've had so there's not pieces I have to work free with my tongue.  There is some texture inside the most soft caramel, tiny granular pieces that I can't identify, but which might be salt since there is a salty essence here as well.  The main taste is a strong creamy, buttery taste with a burst of something slightly chocolaty, some salt, and then tangy aftertaste.  The four flavors blend to leave a unique and very decadent flavor in my mouth.  Furthermore there is a powerful sugar rush that ran through my body after one piece.

How did Divine Morsels chocolate caramels sound to you, Sisters and Brothers?  Over all I wish it had more chocolate essence, let's face it, this is The Chocolate Cult!  This is a truly buttery and creamy caramel that really satisfied me in one piece, indeed having more immediately was out of the question and my sweet tooth felt sated for some time.  Others who tried it with me felt it was a bit too salty but I felt there was balance in general even with my desire for more of our Sacred Substance.  For caramels lovers these are one of the best caramels I've ever had or reviewed her on The Chocolate Cult.

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