Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where's the Filling?

Recently I found some organic cookies on sale at our nearby Kroger grocery store.  These are from a company called Late July Organic and are "Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies" described on the box as "intense ad decadent".  There are 7 servings of 3 cookies each in this 8.2oz box.  I tried one serving worth so I consumed 150 calories made of 3g saturated fat, 125mg sodium, 2g fiber, 9g sugars, and 2g protein.  That isn't too bad, is it, Sisters and Brothers?

The cookies themselves looked good except for one thing: the inside, the filling looked rather thin to my eyes.  Trying to twist them open proved very difficult but once I did I could see that the filling is very thin, almost a ganache not really a filling.  But that's mean that it wouldn't taste as promised did it?  Actually yes, it did.  The cookie part was like a crisp cookie, strongly cocoa and a bit dry.  The inside though was almost like nothing.  It wasn't sweet, didn't expect it to be with that amount of sugar, and it wasn't fatty tasting either.  It was almost useless in terms of adding to the cookie.

So here's my take. Either this needs to be a single cookie, crisp and strongly cocoa or it needs to be a sandwich cookie with at least two to three times the amount of filling it currently has.  While this was on sale, it was more expensive than a mainstream brand of this same size.  I have to applaud the nutrition and the chocolate used and the over all chocolate taste but decadent is not a word I can use with so little filling.

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