Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate Custard Day: How did you celebrate?

Today is "National Chocolate Custard Day".  Maybe this is supposed to be the focal point for the entire month, which as your Chocolate Priestess pointed out, is one of the month long food holidays for May.  I looked and looked around for chocolate custard and was about to say "darn it, I'll have to make it" when I saw a news story about a local donut shop had a new creation: Chocolate Custard Donut with powdered sugar on top. 

I had to go find one and this morning we had to be out and about anyway, so using a coupon for buy one dozen, get one dozen free, at the same store, Square Donuts, we went shopping.  I found these though it took some time to get the clerk to understand what I was looking for -- no, no, not the custard filled chocolate frosted donuts.

 I bought the last four they had along with 8 other varieties that had some chocolate or cinnamon in them.  This photo is a close-up so you can see the chocolate custard inside. Yes, it really is a chocolate and for the price not a bad one either. The donut itself was very soft and fresh, the powered sugar added more sweetness.  I'm glad I got the last four so I can celebrate all day and share, too.

So how did you celebrate "National Chocolate Custard Day" today, Sisters and Brothers?


Anonymous said...

I wish I had celebrated it! I would probably take all the chocolate filling out of that donut anyway, looks delicious! Yum! =]

TheChocolatePriestess said...

You know, the entire month of May is Chocolate Custard Month so you have plenty of time to celebrate. I did a post on Cinco de Mayo last year so I wanted to do this different chocolate post this year.

Kristen said...

I am definitely going to have to see if I can incorporate a little chocolate custard into something this month. Glad it is a month long celebration as I am usually so far behind the eight ball that these food days pass me by.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Kristen, if you remember, give us a comment back when you do something with chocolate custard. I'm trying to stay on top of at least listing the fun chocolate holidays for you at at the beginning of each month.

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