The Chocolate Cult: June Chocolate Fun Food Holidays 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Chocolate Fun Food Holidays 2011

June starts tomorrow, Sisters and Brothers, and thus it is time to look ahead and see what fun food holidays you can use as a reason to enjoy a bit of our Sacred Substance.  Remember Moderation is the key to all good things in life so think ahead, plan a bit, and let me know how you will indulge a bit each of these days.

The entire month of June is "National Dairy Month" so expect lots of milk chocolate and chocolate milk to celebrate.  Don't rush to the ice cream yet, that's given the entire month of July as a focus.

The first Friday in June is "National Donut Day"  That will be June 3rd this year and I'll be off on a chocolate trail adventure I'll tell you all about later.  Maybe I'll get or make some chocolate donuts for our journey to start us off.

June 2 = "National Rocky Road Day" and while we associate it with ice cream, I've seen candies, baked goods, and fine chocolates made with this combination of flavors.

June 7= "National Chocolate Ice Cream Day"  which is a month early frankly but then if it's hot and you have the craving for it in Moderation, try something and let us know how it was.

June 11 = "National German Chocolate Cake Day" but what exactly does that mean? There is a type of cake called this but German is also the brand name of a type of chocolate.

June 12 = "National Peanut Butter Cookie Day" doesn't necessarily have chocolate but don't you think chocolate goes great with peanut butter?

June 16 = "National Fudge Day" which has always confused me.  I think of fudge and a late fall and winter treat because it can be tricky to make when the temperatures and humidity levels are too high.

June 22 = "National Chocolate Éclair Day" so I want to hear about your best recipe for this and if you send it my one, I'll try to make one this year.

June 26 = "National Chocolate Pudding Day" which again is something you can buy ready made, in a mix or make from scratch.  Which do you plan to do?

There you have it.  Plan your June accordingly.  If you know of any other chocolate related holidays for June, leave a comment and we'll add it to our growing calendar.


~~louise~~ said...

Hi, Just popped in to see when National Chocolate Éclair Day is. I knew about Chocolate Pudding Day but Éclair Day is a new one on me. I happen to be delighted, it's my birthday that day!!!

Thanks for sharing...

Totally enjoying your Chocolate Trail Series. I must tell Janet @ Dying for Chocolate about your blog. As the name tells, she adores all things chocolately:)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

louise, that is awesome! Maybe you can get a big chocolate eclair made for your bithday? Yes, please do spread the word and follow us because I found out today that we will be having a very impressive giveaway in July but you must follow us on networked blogs, facebook or google friend connector to participate for a chance to win.

Cacao-Me said...

june 26 is my birthday, and i've got into an annual tradition of making a chocolate pudding. i'm searching for a good recipe now to attempt this year.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

That is so awesome, Cacao-Me! I'm sure you can find one that is vegan as well, am I remember correctly that you are vegan? I wish I could point you in the direction but as you know, I tend to do recipes rarely and then often with cookbook reviews. I haven't tried a vegan pudding.

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