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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mrs. Fields Chocolate Samplers

I found these little three piece Mrs. Fields Chocolate boxes a while back at our local Target for just $1 a piece.  Cute package, thought it might be a nice gift or at least not too expensive to review.  As much as we are sent products here on The Chocolate Cult, your Chocolate Priestess still buys many items we review.  Of course those are our regular reviews, the full sensory ones I know you all enjoy so much.

I got three little boxes, each weighing 1.8oz in three varieties.  First "Premium Peppermint Chocolates" which contain three identical Peppermint truffles inside.   Obviously I needed to try only one of these. The chocolate is all on the rather thin shell while the bulk is a semi-soft, lightly peppermint center. I did like the pieces of peppermint candy on the top and it had a great cooling aftertaste but over all I personally wanted more chocolate.

The Assorted Chocolates had three different pieces including a coconut one that I'll share our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte's words about: Average.  The Dark Coconut Macaroon was .  The Chocolate Chip was rounder and had white drizzle over it.  I didn't really see chocolate chips but the semi-solid inside had a sort of chocolate chip cookie dough coloring and a bit of that same taste under a chocolate shell.  The Butter Caramel in this box is identical to two piece in the next box so I'll discuss that next.

The Premium Caramel Chocolates had two varieties: the Butter Caramel mentioned above but soon to be revealed and a Dark Butter Caramel.  The Butter Caramel has a clearly lighter colored chocolate shell so that's probably milk chocolate.  The caramel is surprisingly neither sweet nor tangy, it is really just smooth and a bit sticky, not adding much to the average tasting chocolate.  Same with the dark version though I personally thought the darker chocolate had more a strong flavor to it.  Really disappointing though if you want either that caramel tangy or a sweetness.

All three of these were made with real chocolate and not a lot of additives.  For one dollar, they were perfectly fine but not great.  I suspect you want to make sure whomever you get them for eats them fairly soon because they aren't packaged to last a long time and may go stale quicker than you might expect.


Christine's Pantry said...

I just love your blog.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks, Christine. I wish I'd loved these chocolates cause if I had, that would have been an awesome find for the price.

briarrose said...

I like the peppermint...especially with the crushed candy on top. I shall dub these...take the edge off chocolates....enough to tide you over till you get to the really good stash. ;)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Hehehe, briarrose, you always make me smile with your comments here.

Anonymous said...

I bought a bunch of the cookie recipe ones (premium Cookie Recipe Chocolates, to be precise). Being that I don't go to Target a lot, I bought more than one. My gut told me no, because I have an excellent eye/intuition for these things. Believe me: NOTHING to write home about and they have "that" packaged taste. (think Russell Stover or Whitman's samplers) I haven't had Field's cookies in years, but if these taste like the cookies, I'm glad I haven't had them in years...funny b/c I know Mrs. Fields is good. Or was... At least I was smart enough--and not curious enough-- (not) to buy the other flavors. Maybe they had been in the store a while and were stale? Quite possibly. And you confirmed my other suspicions! Chocolate is rarely good for a dollar unless you buy in bulk. But sometimes the essence from other candies goes over to that...I think it's easier and more rewarding to go for the more expensive and have an exquisite experience!!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Hi, Anonymous.

Here we reveal that expensive actually isn't necessarily better but in this case these just weren't particular good chocolate.

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