Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Fashioned Candy Shop in Martinsville, Indiana

A good friend of mine who is also a Follower here on The Chocolate Cult, recently got a job in a nearby town and not far from where he works he found a long-time business of Indiana, called the Martinsville Candy Kitchen.  He took me to visit last week and I wanted to let you all know about it so if you are in the area, you might want to check them out.

Justin raved about their truffles so he bought me some which makes this product review also a gift post. He gave me four types -- milk chocolate caramel with the white crown, milk chocolate raspberry with the pink crown, dark chocolate mint with the green crown, and dark chocolate chocolate with a milk chocolate crown.  These are nice medium sized truffles in an interesting five-sided design.  The shells are nicely thick and the inside is semi-soft.  The inside flavors tended to be a bit stronger than the chocolate itself but over all very tasty so I can see why my friend likes them.

Then I also bought a selection of their bark, as you can see small pieces.  I actually prefer to buy a larger variety in small quantity when I try out a store.  That way I never am stuck with something I don't like and I learn more about a shop so I can quickly figure out what I like best.  In order these Barks are the Valentine's -- peppermint white chocolate on a dark chocolate base ; Tiger -- peanut butter white chocolate with milk chocolate swirled in; Grasshopper has a dark chocolate base, a mint layer then chocolate cookie crumbs on the top -- ; Mint -- is a combination of milk chocolate and mint on a milk chocolate base; Cherry -- is candied cherry pieces in white chocolate on a dark chocolate base; and Peanut Butter -- is simply peanut butter and milk chocolate.  These are about three bite pieces of bark so I could linger over them and savor the pieces.  I liked them all though the Peanut Butter and the Valentine's were my favorite.

Finally I bought some of their left over Easter candies. Sadly it looked like a lot of coconut, strawberry, maple, and vanilla flavors were left so I got a vanilla one which had a pretty design on it. These all appeared handmade and I was shocked so many were left almost a week after Easter.  Their version of a chocolate peep is dipped in dark chocolate, almost covered entirely as you can see.  The eggs is huge and hand drizzled with orange and light green this time over milk chocolate; I think this is better than the brand name variety.  The egg is less impressive with a huge mound of mostly vanilla something, not marshmallow as I thought or even a truffle sort of thing.  It isn't bad but the vanilla far outweighs the chocolate covering it in terms of taste.

That was a nice homemade candy shop about 20 minutes from my door.  Hopefully we'll hear back from the owners who weren't in that day and maybe they'd like to join The Chocolate Cult family of chocolatiers who have been in our fuller, full sensory featured reviews.

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