Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Qbel Wafers Trio

During the same shopping trip I mentioned last week where I found the wafer rolls from Qbel, I also found just the plain wafer candy bars.  Same quality of ingredients, but three different flavors in a square package with two 3 X 1 X 0.5 inch wafers in each. One was Peanut Butter, one was Milk Crispy Rice, and the third was Dark Crispy Rice.  Let's see how they compare to the wafer rolls from last week.

The Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter was in an orange wrapper.  The wafers had a good chocolate and peanut butter scent but until the wafer roll version, I didn't like these as much.  The quality of the peanut butter was the same but for some reason the interplay of the wafers, the chocolate and the peanut butter tasted much different.  The crunch was also different and for some reason I find hard to place my words on, I just didn't like it as much.

The Milk Chocolate Crispy Rice was in a mostly red wrapper.  It had more crunch but obviously it also had a very distinctive rice flavor as well.  That's fine, I like many types of chocolate crispy rices and I can be a big fan of rice treats even without chocolate.  But once again, I found myself thinking about the wafer rolls and even though there was no crispy rice version of those, I think I liked the plain milk chocolate better in that form than in this one. I tasted more wafer and more rice here than the milk chocolate.

In a purple wrapper was the Dark Chocolate Crispy Rice variety.  It is visibly darker which I hope you can see in the photos -- my camera required new batteries so I had to wait an extra long time to try this treat out.  These have a strong dark chocolate scent that immediately impresses me because I believe it is more intense than the wafer roll version was.  That dark flavor continues but once more the wafer itself is not impressing me in terms of taste though this one seems more crunchy than the two milk chocolate varieties. Of course you know that Your Chocolate Priestess has a preference for the darker chocolate so that may be coloring my views.

Overall these 1.1oz flat wafer have more calories and were less satisfying than the rolled version.  If anything I would have thought the larger amount of wafer needed to make the rolls would be the higher calorie and less flavorful option but that just wasn't the case for me.  Now, I didn't eat them on the same days, Moderation remember, so I know know if I simply changed chemically in some fashion myself. No, I think there was something about the shape, the crunch and the difference in flavor that just appealed to me more in the rolls than in these normal looking wafer.  Both were good and I'd like to try other flavors but if I had to pick, I'd go with the wafer rolls.

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