The Chocolate Cult: The Strength of Pecans

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Strength of Pecans

In Wadesboro, North Carolina, there is a candy show called MerrieLynn's.  Let me know if you've visited them, Sisters and Brothers.  They sent us a box of their "Chocolate Pecan Butter Crunch" a while back and today you're going to read our featured review about them.  Remember, many times what you read now was written a while back especially with preservative free products such as these toffee bars.  The weights are not exact because the bars look to be cut from a large handmade batch but this box has at least 1/2 pound of treats inside of it in 6 pieces.

Here you can see the top two pieces in the box. Each one is individually wrapped and is equal to one serving.  Unfortunately I don't know the nutritional values for one of these bars and you and I both know we are very likely to eat the entire thing once it is opened unless we have someone right there with us who wants a piece, too.  I didn't have someone at that moment but I did share the other five bars so I didn't over indulge.

These pieces were about 2.5 X 3 X 0.5 inches.  The chocolate layer is very thin, about 1/6 of an inch so the bulk is the buttery toffee like bottom.  As you can see there are large pieces of pecans on top of the chocolate layer but there are also pecan pieces inside the toffee like bulk.   These have a strong pecan and buttery scent to them. When I take a bite, it makes a loud crunch and the top chocolate layer separated from the rest of the bar in some places.  It didn't separate every time I took a bite however but this allowed me to taste the treat in different ways.  The top layer has a decent balance of the chocolate with the pecan after a few bites or after letting it melt in my mouth for a while.  The both layer is obviously just sweet and nutty.  When you put both layers together, the chocolate is overwhelmed.

Pecans have a strong flavor and coupled with the sweetness of the toffee like bulk, the chocolate really fades into the background.  A great treat for pecan lovers but chocolate lovers will need to let the top layer melt in your mouth more to get a better combination of flavors.  MerrieLynn's focus is really on pecans so this isn't surprising. They also have a few other chocolate items as well so maybe in the future we can reveal those to you too, Sisters and Brothers.


All That I'm Eating said...

I bet these are so tasty. I love pecans and with butter too...yum.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

It was great butter pecan toffee, All That I'm Eating. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. They give us energy to keep writing for you all.

Rico said...

I absolutly love pekans they are just the best nut ever, I particulalrly love them crispy and caremalised. the above look just great.

Rico-Tried and Tested Recipes

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Pecan-wise, Rico, these were great and with some slowing down and letting the chocolate melt that increased the Sacred Substance flavor. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting, Rico.

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