The Chocolate Cult: Working for Pillsbury Twists Treats

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working for Pillsbury Twists Treats

Your Chocolate Priestess made these Pillsbury Flaky Twists with Chocolate Icing along with the regular type of twists that have icing and Cinnabon cinnamon in them on lazy Saturday morning with the aid of the Milk Chocolate Acolyte.  I bought these both on sale at our local Kroger and used  a coupon as well.  I should have looked at them before I bought them though — each twist has 2.5g of trans fat which while not too much it is on the edge of the amount you should limit yourself to each day so be very careful of how many of these you eat.  My guess is that the trans fat is  more part of the frostings but I can’t be certain.  If you don’t  put the frosting on, then they aren’t chocolate at all.

Each tube has 8 rounds that you have to unroll to try and make into twists, Sisters and Brothers.  That’s my second complaint about these — it is actually difficult to get decent looking twists without a lot of the cinnamon mixture coming off.  As you can see in this picture the quality of our twists varied greatly, the Milk Chocolate Acolyte’s twists were much better than mine. One of the round had a broken section so it couldn’t be twisted at all.  Easier to just leave them as round if you like.

The third complaint I have is that the frosting prefers to stick to the knife than the pastry.  You don’t want to put the frosting on while it is too hot because it will melt and drip off into the pan and thus you lose the chocolate or vanilla.  But waiting until it cools too much and the frosting just sticks to the knife and gets a bit frustrating.  Here you see the frosting or icing in little plastic cups found at one end of each tube.

These both taste very much like the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls you can make from a tube.  The chocolate icing tastes like most canister icings I’ve had from Pillsbury so exactly as I’d hoped.  But over all a bit more taxing to make than I wanted on a supposedly relaxing weekend and the amount of trans fat in this really curbed my appetite.  Buy them if you like them but I can’t heartily recommend them.


briarrose said...

I'm surprised by the trans fat content in these. A little on the labor intensive side for a ready to bake treat.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Transfat, now that we in the general public are more aware of it, can be difficult to avoid though more and more companies are getting ride of it. I believe the last health scales I saw said an adult should not get more than 3g a day and sometimes those "transfat free" labels simply mean less than 0.5g per serving so I do try to avoid it though I still try things for you all.

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