Saturday, June 25, 2011

Triple Chocolate Almond Biscotti

LinkedIn has been a good way for me to find and connect with small chocolatiers so  I can bring their products your way, Sisters and Brothers.  One of these companies is in Jupiter, Florida, and it has a cute name, bodacious biscotti.  Nava Viniar sent us two huge boxes of their Triple Chocolate Almond Biscotti, just one of the 17 flavors she makes biscotti in.  That they have so many types of biscotti is the first unique fact about this company, I mean, I might see 3-4 types of biscotti in a store or at a restaurant if I can find them at all.

There were 24 biscotti in total, two per plastic sleeve, in clear boxes with these brown and pink ribbons.  There is no way it is practicing what I preach "Moderation and Purposefulness" for me to eat all of these but the two Acolytes I live with also can't or didn't want these -- one has a tree nut allergy and one is just super picky -- so I shared this a few months back, not long after receiving these, with a group of seven other people.  They had a range of reactions so I'll share those with you as I eat two of these myself, Sisters and Brothers.

Getting them out of the plastic sleeve was a challenge for some people while others opened it with ease.  I struggled a bit but that's why I keep scissors handy.  The scent is not strong when the sleeve is opened but if when I brought it closer to my nose it had a nice baked cocoa scent.  It has visible slivers of almonds, white chips and even pieces of darker pieces.  That makes since sense this is called "Triple" but also the ingredients listed include cocoa, semi-sweet chocolate and gourmet white chocolate.  There are no additives or artificial flavors but there is wheat, almonds, and eggs for those of you who want to know about such things for dietary or social reasons. 

These are softer than I imagined they would be and softer than any biscotti I've had in the past.  For me this was a good thing since, as I've send on other people's blogs in comments that I am sure to leave if I visit yours, I'm not a fan of biscotti because it is so dry.  However some of the people who tried it with me declared it wasn't very good because it was soft enough to easily eat without dunking.  By eating it free of any beverage though I can taste the ingredients better.  On the crust are crystals of sugar that add the only burst of sweetness while inside I could taste and feel the almonds, the creamy white chips and the bitter edge of the semi-sweet pieces.  Throughout it had a solid cocoa flavor but in general the flavors mixed well I thought.  Dunking it, of course, added the flavor of the hot chocolate I was using, a dark one this time, and I thought the cookie soaked up the liquid quickly, within a few seconds, without becoming soggy.  Again some others disagreed based on their preference for drier biscotti.  I could taste the darker chocolate's bitterness and the creamy white chocolate in each bite.  I wasn't expecting this to taste like a cake or a candy bar but I still feel the chocolate level was on par with good cakes or similar baked goods.

That's one of the chocolate options from bodacious biscotti.  As you can see from my review and the reported opinions of those I shared this generous Offering with, people have very different tastes when it comes to chocolate and to biscotti.  It looks like these are available in the one dozen boxes only but you know what I think would be awesome, Sisters and Brothers, it would be if you just contacted Nava and asked if she might be willing to send you a mixed box of these to try.  That way you can sample the variety she offers and you might find flavors that more of your friends and family like.  Personally I thought these were good, they had a very good triple chocolate flavor I could identify and they were good with or without a hot beverage to dunk into.  The fact that these were softer was a bonus for me.  Ultimately then I think these are a Worthy Sacrament.


Pegasuslegend said...

I love these biscotti they are awesome, linkin is a great place too!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Wow, Pegasuslegend, you were just here almost as soon as the new featured review went up. COOL! Thank you for commenting. This made my day.

Cooking Rookie said...

Amazingly looking biscotti! I bet they taste even better than they look :-)

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Cooking Rookie. As I said I've never been a fan of biscotti but I liked these.

Christine's Pantry said...

Great looking biscotti. Yum! Thanks for another great review.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Christine. That helps motivate me to keep plugging away. I know, the chocolate should be my only motivation but I'm just leading us on the path, I am not perfect.

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