Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chocolate Lips

This summer your Chocolate Priestess attended a local event that show-cased the businesses and work of women in my city, county and even surrounding counties. Many of these business felt into a few categories with jewelry, clothing, and personal products very common.  Two of these women-owned businesses that focus on personal items gave us samples of the products they make using chocolate and cocoa.  Today I want to look at one of these products from Creating Harmony LLC's Harmony Soaps & Scents which is headquartered here in Bloomington, Indiana.

This "Oh! Cocoa" lip balm caught my eye at their table display but it was talking with the lady there that convinced me to try this and share it with you.  This is one of four varieties of lip balm they carry.  The ingredients in this 0.25oz container are simple and for the most part organics as well: olive oil, coconut creme, beeswax, chocolate, vitamin E, castor oil, Cocoa Absolute, peppermint & Stevia.  Now let's figure out what some of these are.  "Cocoa Absolute" seems to be a solvent that is extracted from cocoa beans, it is a dark brown liquid and shouldn't have any added ingredients to it. It seems mostly used for scent and in a wide range of products.  "Stevia" is one type of sunflower plant and it is used as a sugar substitute in many products. 

The lip balm itself is in this little silver tin that is a bit tricky to slide open -- push and slide back in the direction of the little indent on the top.  Inside is a very dark brown semi-solid product that has a very strong chocolate scent even months after opening it.  It does not come with a brush or application tool but I just used my finger; easier to clean and no fear of any bacteria building up as can happen on a brush or sponge applicator.  It kept my lips very moist and I loved getting folks to lean in and "smell my lips" on weekend long conventions where I tried this product after receiving it.  In fact, I think it kept my lips better moisturized than other such products I've tried so I was very very pleased.  Just make sure you also have fresh breathe before asking someone to smell your lips -- I brushed my teeth but the mint from that mixed with my lips too much.

Looking for chocolate that won't add pounds to your waist?  "Oh! Cocoa" will do that.  Looking for something that supports organic and preservative free products?  "Oh! Cocoa" will do that.  Looking to support women-owned businesses and small business?  "Oh! Cocoa" will do that, too.  For all those reasons we think this is a good Sacrament for our Sisters and Brothers in The Chocolate Cult.


Foodiva said...

Who can resist kissing chocolatey-flavored lips? I'd buy this balm by the tubful!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I had fun telling people to "smell my lips" the weekend I tested it and I've kept using it. Thanks for your comment, Foodiva!

briarrose said...

This is just too fun. What a great product.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for commenting, briarrose. I hope you all check this product out. I've been very, very pleased by it.

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