Thursday, August 18, 2011

National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day

Yes, that is correct, Sisters and Brothers.  Today is another fun food holiday you could enjoy with chocolate: "National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day."

If you've have homemade, store boxed, or soft serve ice cream you know that they tend to differ in terms of taste and texture.  Depending on your mood, the size of your wallet and where you live, it may be easier to buy or make one type of ice cream.  Until recently we didn't have an ice cream maker (you might recall the one we were sent to review last summer was an utter failure) so where we bought was our big choice.  We can easily visit a dozen plus places to buy ice cream out where we live.

We went to Jiffy Treat where I had a "buy one, get one free" coupon and we each got a Cyclone that comes with a mix-in.  You can also decide if you want vanilla, swirl or chocolate soft serve for the base though why you'd do a swirl when it is all going to be mixed up is very odd to me.

I got a chocolate base with chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate syrup while my hubby got vanilla base with Kit Kats (maybe he's a fish and just hasn't told me?).  I don't know why, but twice now the folks at the Jiffy Treat have given me a double cup.  Any way, can you tell which is which Cyclone?

Mine tasted very chocolaty which is not surprising considering what I had them mix together.  What surprised me best though was that the cookie dough pieces were broken up more and thus spread more evenly throughout the ice cream.  Every now and again I'd happen upon a ribbon of syrup which is nice and also a surprise because I figured it would just be mixed in completely and give my ice cream a bigger cocoa kick.

So you tell me, Sisters and Brothers?  Is there a soft serve ice cream you like best?


Anonymous said...

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Free Spirit Eater said...

I LOVE soft served ice cream, totally brings me back to a child like moment of pure joy and innocence. Thanks for sharing! =]

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you both for reading and leaving a comment. I've been at a convention for the past several days so I'm sorry about the delay in replying to you.

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