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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Blog Awards for The Chocolate Cult

There is a tradition in the vast world of foodie and food related blogs of giving out awards that you believe another blogger deserves.  We've only won one of these before which has never surprised me since we aren't a traditional foodie or food blog at all. Let's be blunt, recipes are rare here and those seem to be the bulk of most food related blogs.  But that doesn't mean that your Chocolate Priestess and the Acolytes do not provide both information and entertainment we hope you use in regards to all things chocolate.

We are honored to be given two awards from Free Spirit Eater.  Check out her blog please and you'll find lots of recipes and pretty awesome looking photos of what she makes and eats.

The first award is the "Blog on Fire Award". 

I tried to dig up some information about this award but all I found were various blogs winning it.  You know, Sisters and Brothers, that as a trained historian I do like me some facts but I can't share with you what I do not know.

What I did find out that is that I'm supposed to pass on this award to others (how many seems to vary) and that I'm supposed to list 7 things (again what this is varies).

Top Seven List of My Favorite Pieces I've Written as a Professional Author:

1.  At Her Feet -- a non-fiction book that I co-authored to help others in the alternative sexuality community.  If the idea of alternative sexualities offends, don't look it up and don't read it.

2. An Author-Centered Approach to Understanding Amazons in the Ancient World -- this was my PhD dissertation.  You can actually request copies from your university libraries if you want to look at it. I use my skills as a trained scholar to try and research and understand information we share here with all of you.

3. Eroscapes -- this was my fourth book, a collection of short stories, and while the publisher was very tiny, I've always been very proud of the quality of these stories even if they needed a better copy editor at the publisher house.

4. Beyond the Softness of His Fur, Book One: Wonders of Modern Science -- this started off as a sort of bedtime story I created for a partner but now it has grown into a trilogy published by Circlet Press.  Science fiction and social commentary with an erotic edge.

5. The Ancient History chapter in The History Highway series -- I worked on two releases of this book and I wanted to provide depth and range for the entire world's ancient history.  I wonder if they'd done another update?

6. Servants of Destiny -- my first published novel.  It was supposed to be a trilogy but I no longer trust that publisher so there won't be further adventures of Marelda and Dolan unless I do a self-published ebook sort of deal

7. "Feminism & BDSM: An Insider's View" is an article I wrote that was published back in 1996 for the Columbia University feminist magazine "Sister" and then republished, re-printed and referenced widely.  The link here takes you to one fairly stable current link.

If you want to see other things I've had published, you can look HERE.

Now on to the "Blog on Fire" awards I'm giving out.

Here are 7 Blogs I think deserve the "Blog On Fire Award" because they offer us a "kick" in their recipes or essays.

1.  "What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine" has a range of recipes but being focused a bit on Italian foods and culture also provides a good spice in most of the hearty recipe.

2.  curry and comfort takes exotic and makes it doable for most of us.

3. SpicieFoodie is a Mexican's take on ethnic food in Europe and the results are often very hot and spicy as well as unique.

4. Flour Dusted is by our fairly regularly reader and commenter, briarrose, who indulges in "food porn" -- now that is a HOT idea, isn't it?

5. Food o'del Mundo has an awesome logo and a wide range of recipes with a varied palate that does include spices from around the world.

6. Cajun Chef Ryan should be a site with a lot of spicy recipes, right?  Actually he has a lot of different recipes and sadly I owe him a guest post that is unlikely to happen here's a much deserved award from me to you, Chef Ryan.

7. The Spiced Life is pretty much what it sounds like but this blog is a model of how to do a great layout and share a lot of recipes in an appealing fashion.

The other award the Free Spirit Eater gave us is the "Cute Little Chef Award."  Between our group of volunteers I'd say we have "cute" and "chef" definitely in the mix... "little" well can we qualify as little for the few recipes we share?  I'm teasing the Acolytes, they know it, don't worry.

I couldn't find any further information about this award either only again that we should pass it on to the bloggers we think are deserving.

Here is my list of "Cute Little Chef Awards."  These are not in any particular order but each of these offers recipes that I think will interest chocolate lovers plus their creations or posts are cute.   I'll give out seven to balance out the "hot" awards above.

1. Pass the Sushi is a blog about "cooking, baking, and all things cute" and even though sushi is in the title, she does have some nice chocolate treats on there.

2. Daydreamer Desserts has lovely, cute, and often chocolatey treats.

3. From Val's Kitchen is a great site that does a lot of what we do here on The Chocolate Cult but she is not focused on chocolate.  Recipes and crafts makes this a very cute blog.

4. Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy is a lot of desserts on a very cute blog with an adorable icon character.

5. The Cookbook of Trial and Error offers a wide variety of recipes but what makes it "cute" is that Cooking Rookie does not shy away from sharing both successes and failures plus the photos are lovely.

6. Cake Spy is always adding these delightfully cute icons to the recipes and they have a lot of sweet treats there as well.

7. bake at 350 is all about beautiful, often exceedingly cute desserts; I like just looking at them even if they aren't always chocolate.

If you created either of these awards, please let me know and give me a link to show when you created it. I'd like to keep a record for us all of this information.

If you are a winner of either of these awards today, please drop us a comment below.


Kitchen Simmer said...

Thank you so much for naming Curry and Comfort as one of the Blogs on Fire! WOW! I am always humbled when my simple recipes make people happy. You're great! ~ Ramona

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Wow! How cool is that, and I am honored to be a part of this award! Thank you so much for the addition to your list.

Bon appetit!

kita said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you so much of thinking of me when you chose who you shared it with!

briarrose said...

Congratulations! So sweet of you to think of me. :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your awards! Also thank you for passing it on to me, that is sweet of you. Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Foodo said...

Oh my, that's an awful lot of blogs you follow.
I'm honored!
Thank you!
~ Mary

Chocolate Truffles said...

Hey you deserve this. Many congratulations for the awards. Cheers!!!!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thank you, Chocolate Truffles, and I love your name!

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