Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Review: Bake Sale

Normally I review two types of books here on The Chocolate Cult.

Cookbooks where I try three recipes and then give my opinion about not just the book itself but also the clearness of the directions and ease in finding the ingredients.

Chocolate Books which are books related to the history, culture, or use of chocolate but with no recipes.

This review of Bake Sale is a new type of book for us to review here.  The target audiences seem to be older children to the very earliest tween years because to fully use this book the reader would need access to a kitchen.  The basic story -- hard work to achieve a goal and placing friends above said goal -- also seems geared toward this age group.

The story is laid out as a graphic novel in 158 pages.  The drawing is simple yet the tale is mature on many levels.  We get to see how a small business owner lives and works, how varied their lives need to be for fulfillment, and the challenges of having a good reputation that can be threatened day to day if you fall below your customers expectations.

The eight (one is inside another) recipes also range from simple brownies to difficult marzipan.  While we see most of these recipes twice -- first in the story as Cupcake our main character makes them -- not every recipes or treat in the bakery is laid out for us to try.  Only one of the recipes is explicitly for chocolate.

Over all is a good little book that could make a good gift I think.  I thank the Amazon Vine program and :01 First Second for sending me a copy to review.


Wholesale Dollar Merchandise said...

I'm joining your chocolate cult:-) I'm a chocolate addict.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I'm glad you found us. If your company sells anything related to chocolate, drop me an email and I can tell you how to be a featured review on our site -- free except for the cost of sending us the product(s).

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