Thursday, September 22, 2011

Early Birthday Gifts 2011

The idea that The Chocolate Priestess could receive too many chocolate or chocolate related gifts is just beyond her way of thinking.  

 I have other interests; other loves, but chocolate is a good bet.  Of course it can be tricky to find me something I have not all ready tried.  Gift cards to places that have great chocolate or checking out my Amazon wish list is a good place to go.

One of my friends, James, gave me an early gift of a box of 15 chocolates from The South Bend Chocolate Company — I’ve reviewed some of their products before but again this isn’t a featured review so it won’t be in depth like those reviews are nor provide links to the company.  You can see that is a unique collection; my friend had them box up of their most popular chocolates.  That was very awesome of James because he knows I like variety.

He went a step further and the gentleman at the shop he bought it from labeled the pieces as you can see in this final photo.  I didn’t gobble these all up; I do work to practice what we preach here about moderation.  I take several days, enjoying a piece here and there, keeping track of what I liked to give you a list of these from my favorite to the least favorite.

1. Chocolate Cream
2. Jamaican Rum Meltaway
3. Caramel
4. Pecan Patty
5. Sugar-free Peanut Cluster
6. Butter Toffee
7. Mint Meltaway
8. Key Lime Cream
9. Sugar-free Amaretto Meltaway
10. Peanut butter Meltaway
11. Maple Cream
12. Raspberry Meltaway
13. Raspberry Cream
14. Coffee Mocha Meltaway
15. Vanilla Cream

So a big THANK YOU to James for this early birthday gift.


Free Spirit Eater said...

This seems like a wonderful early birthday gift. All of those flavors sound incredibly delicious. The Jamaican Rum meltaway, raspberry meltaway and sugar free Amaretto are right up my alley, yum! Thanks for sharing your lovely present with us, enjoy! =]

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. I really wanted to focus more on the gift than reviewing the chocolate here. I did a non-featured review of this company before.

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