Friday, September 23, 2011

National White Chocolate Day 2011

Regular readers should know by now that your Chocolate Priestess is not a huge fan of white chocolate.  Unlike other "chocolate connoisseurs" however I do not declare that there is no such thing as white chocolate but I do limit it to only that white substance that is made from 100% cocoa butter with no added oils or fats along with milk and sugar generally.  Be wary because much of what you may think is white chocolate is just plain old junk for your body.

Today though is the day to celebrate true white chocolate so let me see what I can say about it and if I can find something I really love but in very small quantities...

Oh, who am I kidding because today is also a personal holiday for me: My Dating Anniversary with my Husband.  Yup, back in 1989 we decided to start dating exclusively and over the course of a semester we fell in love.

We have plans to go out this evening and I was hoping to find something made from white chocolate.  But I'm not feeling well, my stomach is giving me big problems and to be blunt -- white chocolate will not help that.

Oddly growing up when my stomach acted up and I couldn't eat or keep anything down sometimes simple milk chocolate was the only thing that fueled me. Weird huh?

So tell me your feelings about white chocolate in the comments below.

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