Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Totally International Chocolate

Today is "International Chocolate Day" and in honor of that, your Chocolate Priestess would like to share a surprise she had.  For years I've seen Green & Black's chocolate in the organics section of stores around us. I'd never tried them because frankly they are expensive and until I began this Path with The Chocolate Cult I, too, was settling for cheap chocolate and lots of it.  It turns out that the Green & Black's bars I bought were made in Italy.  However, the company was founded in 1991in London and their first successful chocolates were created with some Mayan farmers in Belize.  Later they were bought by American company, Kraft.  How's that for truly international chocolate?

But how did these 3.5oz bars taste?

The "Toffee" is a milk chocolate bar of 34% cocoa with milk, soy and wheat for those of you with allergies.  I think the bark is a nice balance of smooth, creamy chocolate with a deep butter and even tangy taste to it when I bit into the crunchy toffee pieces inside which are very tiny and didn't show up with my camera at all.  With 30 sections I could break off with some effort it was easy to get small pieces but required my self-control to only eat a bit of it. 

The 60% cocoa content "Mint" bar had a strong mint fragrance to it and was also visibly darker in color than the "Toffee" bar.  The mint flavor was subtle, truly revealing itself after a few seconds and cooling down my mouth. It never overcame the nice dark chocolate essence so I really liked it a lot.

We'll end with the "Dark" bar that has 70% deep chocolate identity.  It smelled dark and it tasted dark plus at this level of cocoa content it is undeniably healthier chocolate you can indulge with. It's unique somewhat berry flavor is probably a reflection of the type of cocoa bean, trinitario, that they used.  Thus this is also a single-origin bar and not just fair trade or organic in nature.

Each of these bars was 2.5 servings so try to take if easy if you find one today or have one laying around the house you can enjoy on "International Chocolate Day" which is today.  Tell me how you celebrated, Sisters and Brothers?

Here in the good old USA we have another reason to celebrate, perhaps.  Today may be the birth date of Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey which I suspect all of my American readers have eaten at some point in their lives.   His life is an example of the stubborn belief in one's self, a desire to do good, and an adventurous nature that pushed him to explore the world of chocolate and use everything the found to rise to the top.   For all the good or bad that Hershey's may do now, he is an important figure in chocolate history.

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